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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mystery Race 2019

Long time, no see! I haven't checked in and posted in months, since NYE 2018, in fact. Sorry about that, I just haven't really had a whole lot to say. My life basically consists of running, going to the local YMCA for BodyPump or Athletic Stretch and playing taxi driver to the kids for all their various activities. Pretty boring stuff day to day. I've been posting on Insta Stories a lot so feel free to follow me there. 

However, I am training for half marathons #6 and #7 this spring and I even convinced Alan to run one of them with me. When I started running long distances again last spring when Cameron was still an infant, I did it on my own, but I've been making it to running group on Saturday mornings because I am determined to PR my half time and finally finish in under three hours. I know most people do that already, but when you're slow, it's a big deal. 

Last weekend, I ran the Mystery Race here in Evansville. It's a new race this year where you choose either the short or the long distance and you don't know how long it is until you finish. Depending on your distance, it could be anywhere from 4-11k, or roughly 2.5-7 miles. I originally signed up for the long distance because I was planning on using it as a training run. 

But the morning of I felt off and wasn't entire sure I would make it since the only bathrooms were at the start and finish. So I made the decision to run the short distance and just go all out to see what I could do. I turned off the run/walk alarm and just ran.

Well, I sure surprised myself! I've been running around the 13 minute mile range doing intervals, which will hopefully ensure relatively even splits to get me my PR at the end of April. Well, Mile 1 was 11:29, Mile 2 was 11:31 and Mile 2.4 was 11:02. I honestly didn't think I could sustain 11 minute miles for very long but I guess I was wrong. 

A former blogger turned Instagrammer I follow posted once that it's gonna hurt to get you where you want to go and I just kept telling myself that the entire time. I was definitely feeling it but I'm also so so proud of myself for really pushing. I haven't done intervals since and have been pleasantly surprised at my times over the last week. I'm running nine miles with my group tomorrow so I think I'm gonna just see what happens. One thing I do know though is that I will crush that PR at the end of the month!

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