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Monday, December 31, 2018

Disney 2018: Epcot

Our final day at Disney was spent at Epcot. If you've been around awhile and remember from our last trip, I got norovirus at Epcot and threw up on Living with the Land and all through our dinner at Marrakesh. It was horrible. So, you could say that I was a little nervous about spending another day here. We were there during the International Food and Wine Festival so I wanted to try some of the goodies, but was seriously afraid of getting sick again.

We had Fast Passes for Mission Space: Green, Spaceship Earth and Frozen Ever After. Alan and the kids did Mission Space while Cameron and I waited for them. I was afraid that I would freak out on the ride because of how close quarters it is. From what Alan described, it was a good decision!

We then rode Spaceship Earth, which of course made Cameron take a nap. Pretty much anything dark made him fall asleep. 

On the way to the World Showcase we stopped so Ewan could meet Baymax. Big Hero 6 is one of his favorite Disney movies so we wouldn't skip it. He also wanted to meet Joy and Sadness from Inside Out but the line was super long so we decided to come back later. Unfortunately we forgot.

Epcot is also the only place at Disney World that has any Phineas and Ferb stuff left. You used to be able to meet them and Perry the Platypus but since the show is no longer being produced they aren't available to meet now. Cecily LOVES Perry so we were going to try to do a couple of the missions from Agent P's Word Showcase Adventure. However when we got there it was closed and the only want to do it now is via an app so Cecily didn't want to. 

After attempting Phineas and Ferb we decided to explore the World Showcase and try some of the food from the festival for lunch. Some of the goodies that we tried include a mango lassi, beef brisket poutine (my favorite!), paella, and a croissant donut. We walked around the showcase until we got to Norway to ride Frozen Ever After. I liked the ride but I am so glad we had a Fast Pass because it was a 90 minute wait otherwise. No way! 

We of course had to make a stop in Japan so Ewan and Cecily could buy Pokemon toys. That was Ewan's favorite part about Epcot both this time as well as in 2016. Before heading back up towards the entrance, we also rode the Grand Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros. I didn't even know there was a ride in the Mexico pyramid until a fellow blogger posted about her trip. I'm glad she said something because I enjoyed it!

We had originally intended on staying for the evening show, but we were all exhausted so we decided to skip it and go back and hang out at the resort for the night because we were leaving early the next morning. But before we left I wanted to make it through Living with the Land without puking. So we rode that and Journey into Imagination with Figment. 

Epcot is so much more enjoyable when you're not sick!

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