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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

I started the day with a 6.5 mile run down to some trails (yes, I know... :-) ) and back. I haven't gotten a lot of miles in since my cray running weekend and since I have yet another half next weekend, I needed to get a longer run in. I knew Alan and the kids had something up their sleeves because Cecily has been hinting all week. That and Alan had left a photo order up on my laptop, Oops!

Even though I got sidelined by some mud and it's super hot out, I had a good run. After doing Backside these trails were a piece of cake. I finally got myself a handheld water bottle with a gift card I forgot I had and tested it out. I'm so glad I had it because I definitely needed the water in the heat. Since it's supposed to be just as hot next weekend I will totally be taking it with me. 

Alan had been bugging me about how long I was going to be gone and then I got a text that it was "safe" to come home. When I got here, I found this waiting for me:

I love it! It will go up in the office along with the photos. I have been wanting a medal rack for ages and Alan made this for me. He also went out and grabbed us lunch and has been doing things around the house I have been asking him to do while I hold a sleeping baby in the papasan chair and catch up on my reading. It's been a low key Mother's Day and I love it. Hope all you moms out there are also having a great day!

What did you do for Mother's Day?

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