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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break 2018: Washington D.C.

For the kids' spring break we decided to take a trip to Washington D.C. Since I was pregnant last year and then we had a newborn, we didn't take a vacation at all last year so we decided to do a short trip this year. We chose Washington D.C. because it's a full days' drive from us and there are a ton of things to do that are free. Plus, Ewan has been reading books about the city and we knew he would love to see everything in person. 

Because Easter was also the week of spring break, we came back a few days early instead of staying the entire week like we would've done otherwise. So we really only had three full days there. I was so looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom and going to the festival but because spring has been drunk these last few weeks they weren't in bloom yet. In fact, it was pretty cold and rainy. But we didn't let that stop us! 

We spent the first day exploring the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and going to see the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. The kids were so excited to see the dinosaurs and Cecily got these pterodactyl wings that she wore all day. It was so funny because she would "fly" across the street then beckon us forth once she had made sure it was safe. She was definitely a hit as we were walking around the city. 

The kids walked pretty much all of Monday and were exhausted. We took the metro back to our hotel in Virginia during rush hour and we decided that we would take it easy on Tuesday to give them a little break. All we did was spend the day at the National Zoo. Ewan has been going on and on and on about seeing the pandas - I think seeing them was the thing he was most excited about - so of course we couldn't miss it. Unfortunately it started raining about halfway through our trip and we had left our umbrellas and ponchos at the hotel so we cut it short. But we did see the pandas, elephants, gorillas, small mammals and some other animals that I can't remember. 

We started our third and final day at the Capitol building. Along with the White House and pandas, this was the other thing Ewan had to see. He and Alan explored while I fed Cameron and Cecily "napped" in the stroller. After walking around all day Monday she decided she was riding the bottom of Cameron's stroller. It wasn't worth the fight and she's so tiny that she fit perfectly. Afterward, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, which is my favorite. I'm a total space nerd and I love seeing all the spacecraft and artifacts from various missions. Since we didn't go first thing in the morning, that place was nuts! It was so crowded and really stressful keeping the kids from running off in different directions. Cecily was bored after about five minutes and wanted to go ride the carousel in front of the castle building. But, we were able to get through a good chunk of the museum. 

Even though there were a few not so great moments (me throwing up on the metro from motion sickness...), overall we had a really great trip. It such a great place to bring kids and I know that we will be back again once they're all a little older. 

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