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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anthem 5k 2018

This past Saturday I ran the Anthem 5k in Louisville with a friend of mine. We ran it together back in 2016 too. Back then it was her first race postpartum and while this technically wasn't my first postpartum race, I consider it to be because the Thanksgiving Day race I did was accidental since I missed the turn around for the one mile. 

I came into this race with no expectations because while I have been running regularly and training for a couple ten milers and a half coming up this spring, it's been super hard. I really just wanted to finish and have fun spending time with my friend. This year they did corrals based on the predicted finish time you put and we got put into the second to last corral. No biggie we thought as we lined up. Until we noticed what appeared to be walkers all around us. We slowly started inching forward and to the sides because we knew we were going to have to dodge them. 

And boy did we! We spend the entire race dodging walkers, some of whom were walking the entire width of the street. Which for those of you non runners, is super annoying and really bad etiquette. Our official time was 43:16 with a pace of 13:56, but it's not really accurate. That's based on running 3.1 miles, when according to my watch I ran 3.24 miles in 43:22 with a pace of 13:22 a mile. The discrepancy is because of all the weaving. 

We had a lot of fun catching up and will be running the first of my 10 milers together in April, also in Louisville. I didn't take any photos but my friend loves selfies, so here's one of us after the race. 

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