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Friday, July 21, 2017

Cameron One Month and Going from Two to Three

Cameron turned one month old on Saturday. I'll be honest, this month has been HARD. Much harder than I thought it would be. 

We left the hospital on a bililight because he was jaundiced and even though we were originally told he would need it for a day or so, it turned into a week. Neither Ewan nor Cecily had jaundice so we had no idea the suck that was in store for us. Luckily Alan stayed home from work that week because I would've lost my mind trying to recover from birth and having to deal with him hooked up to a plug all week on the bililight plus taking all three kids to the hospital everyday for him to have labs. Not to mention entertaining the big kids.

Oh yeah, our pediatrician kept having me bring him in to do weight checks every couple days because it took him almost three weeks to regain his birth weight #notbreastfeedingfriendly. We've been having nursing issues and still are so while I knew he was fine because he's having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, having to go in constantly and deal with the pressure to give him formula was really stressful. I'm lucky that one of the hospitals in my city has a good lactation department and a good friend is a lactation consultant so they were reassuring me that everything is fine but hormonal postpartum mom makes it not so fun. He had a lip and tongue tie that were revised when he was two weeks old, which has helped nursing a little, but he refuses to latch without a nipple shield so there's still that.

We've been calling him Ewan #2 because not only does he look almost identical to Ewan at the same age, he has a lot of the same mannerisms. i.e. He's pretty fussy. Basically I cannot put him down, ever.

I posted this on my personal Facebook page. E is on top and C on bottom. 

While Alan can get him to sleep in the bouncer, he doesn't like anything else really. Especially for me. I spend my days holding him or wearing him around the house. And nursing. Lots and lots of nursing. Cecily was so chill and even though Ewan was not, I think I got spoiled by her. He is having more awake quiet time, as long as he's held, and will let Ewan hold him for 5-10 minutes so I can get a little break. 

As for going from two to three kids. Everyone said it was hard, and yep! They're correct. I feel bad for the big kids because they have to entertain themselves a lot because I'm so consumed with Cameron. We have been going to the Y splash pad and a park about once a week and on the days we haven't gone anywhere, we go outside to play in the backyard for as long as we can stand the heat. Last week they went to a vbs/arts day camp program which was really nice for them to get to do something just for them and for me to have a few hours of semi-quiet. Even though it's been hard, I have enjoyed my time home with them this summer. It's hard to believe there's only two weeks left before school starts!

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