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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Favorite Food Substitutions

As I was making dinner a few nights ago, I was following, but not following a recipe. It got me to thinking about the ways I make food substitutions all the time for various things. Here a few of my favorites. 

I don't like most nuts, but I do like pistachios. So I use them in pretty much anything that calls for nuts, from Paleo sausage stuffing to homemade pesto.

Greek Yogurt
I don't like sour cream or mayonnaise (I'm weird I know). So if I want to enjoy something like spinach and artichoke dip, I use plain Greek yogurt instead. You still get the tanginess but without the yuckiness (to me at least) of sour cream or yogurt. Please it's healthier. Win, win!

Flax or Chia Eggs
While we aren't an egg free home, I do use flax or chia eggs from time to time. They're super easy - 1 tbs flax seed to 3 tbs water - and add a nutritious punch. I usually throw them in my favorite waffle recipe I make for the kids, or even in cookies.

I don't use applesauce as often as I use the other substitutions, but I do use it to lessen the amount of oil and therefore fat content in baked goods. My favorite is in brownies.

I will admit that I don't like beets. But I do like to use them as natural red food coloring. We get them every summer from our CSA and I always roast, puree and freeze them to use. One of my favorites are these red velvet cupcakes. Works beautifully!

What are some food substitutions that you use?

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