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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's Ok January 10, 2016

...that aside from posting on Ewan's birthday last week, I haven't posted since November 22. 

...that a lot has been going on but I'm still not ready to talk about it yet. Sorry for vaguebooking!

...that one of my closest friends and roommates from grad school unfriended me on Facebook, yet stayed friends with Alan and my friends she was friends with. Apparently I did something to upset her, but I have no idea what. Even though we don't really talk anymore, it's sad since we were in each other's weddings and are from the same town, but if that's how she wants to be ok then. I have way too much going to sit around and worry about it.

...that I was supposed to run the WDW Half Marathon last weekend but didn't do to the above mentioned vaguebooking. However, it was canceled due to storms in the area so I don't feel so bad about not doing it now. 

...that I'm still in denial that I'm the mom of a six year old.... HOW is my kid six already?!

...that hopefully this space will have more posts soon!

What's ok with you this week?

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