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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's Ok November 22, 2016

...that I haven't posted in almost a month. There's been a lot going on, good and bad, and I just haven't had the time or energy. One of these days I will get around to telling you about it.

...that if I get invited to one more Usborne books party I just might scream. I like the books but enough already people!

...that I have been on the hunt for holly berry LLR holidays leggings and haven't gotten any. I did, however, win the right to buy some Santa ones. And yes I bought them.

...that we can't seem to kick the sickness out of our house. First Ewan had strep and Cecily had something, then Alan and I had the flu and now Alan, Cecily and I have colds. Seriously, get out!

...that I cannot wait for four days off of work starting tomorrow. With everything that's been going on, I need a break.

What's ok with you this week?

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