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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Kids Behind the Blog: Halloween 2016 Edition

October is my favorite month of the year, aside from December, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And it's finally here! I decided to ask both kids questions this month. Here's what they had to say:

1. What do you want to be for Halloween? 
C: Super Girl
E: LEGO know that.

2. Do you like handing out candy or collecting it? 
C: Getting candy
E: Getting candy.

3. What should mommy and daddy be for Halloween? 
C: A sheriff that's not named Sheriff. A cowgirl. And Daddy should be Sparky. Cecily calls me Sheriff, as in Sheriff Callie and Alan as in Sparky, Sheriff Callie's horse. 
E: Daddy should be a stinky sock and you should be a Ninja Turtle. Hahaha the kid cracks me up!

4. Do you like to make a scary or happy faces Jack-o-lantern? 
C: Scary!
E: Scary.

5. What is the best part of Halloween? What's the worst?
C: Getting candy. Um...the ghosts and bats and spiders.
E: Carving a pumpkin. Trying to figure out which pumpkin you want.

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