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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's Ok September 20, 2016

It's ok...

...that an experienced distance runner was killed here this morning and I'm really shaken up by it. She was hit by a car yards from her house while training for our local half marathon that's in two weeks. I didn't know her personally, but it's all I can think about this morning. You read about these things happening and think that that won't happen in your city...until it does. She was doing everything right - running against traffic, wearing a reflective vest - and it still happened. Prayers to her family and to those of the driver. 

...that what happened this morning is why I chose to attempt to run 11 miles on the treadmill Sunday morning instead of run outside in the fog. While my runs are mostly in my neighborhood or on streets with sidewalks, I do run along busy roads with no sidewalks or even shoulders for short distances. It terrifies me every time. 

...that I made the mistake of reading the comments on one of the news articles about what happened and I am so angry. Most people were saying condolences, but then there were those idiots that were victim blaming. "That's what sidewalks are for." "Go to a park." "Run in your neighborhood, not a busy road." "That's what happens when you're not being safe." A woman DIED people. A wife. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A coworker. How about you stfu and have some respect.

...that I just need to breathe.

What's ok with you this week?

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