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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

$10 at Target - September

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but the day snuck up on me and I forgot. Oops! How is it going into late September already?! It feels like it was just Labor Day... I did this a couple weeks ago, took my photo and instead of writing my post, I promptly forgot about it. 

Anyways... Here is this month's $10 at Target haul. 

Halloween socks from the dollar spot for the kids...and I was super disappointed that I couldn't find any for me. I think all of my socks are holiday themed and have come from there. I spent most of this trip eyeing all the Halloween and pumpkin things but we have so much already I just couldn't justify any more. 

One of my treats - Naked Juice - and on sale. 

Bootterscotch M&M's. I LOVE butterscotch but I hardly ever get it because no one in my house likes it. I put these into some M&M oatmeal cookies I took to my running group. 

And some clearance lip balm. I go through this stuff quickly and can always use extra. 

How much did I spend? $8.36 I didn't come close to $10, but I already felt like I was picking things to get to $10 and couldn't justify anything else just to get super close. 

Til next month Target!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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