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Sunday, August 7, 2016

What Was I Thinking?

Saturday I ran the YMCA 10k here in Evansville. It's one of the warm up races leading to the half marathon and one I was looking forward to running. In one of the running groups I'm in on Facebook, a bunch of us are doing this thing called #getyourPR where you pick a distance and a time goal to work toward this summer. I set my current 10k PR during the River Run in May and was hoping to shave off a couple more minutes. 

It's been crazy hot here and I really didn't have any desire to run in the nasty heat and humidity, even though it was supposed to be a little cooler. The morning of the race I woke up and felt off. Sure enough, I wound up throwing up before we left the house. I woke up hungry and didn't eat soon enough so of course I got sick. I was torn between not going at all and just doing a run/walk. At this point it was going to be what it was and I wasn't even worried about going for a PR. I decided to do the race since I did pay for it and it was just as horrible as I thought it would be.

I did a run/walk and for the first two miles I was fighting the urge. Once we got away from the riverfront it was awful. There was no shade or breeze on the highway and it was just so HOT. I finished in 1:26:01 - six minutes over the slowest I wanted to go.

I guess if there is a bright side, it's that my average pace was still faster than what I did the Evansville Half Marathon last fall. So my work on getting faster is doing something.

But honestly, I really had no business doing this race with how I felt. I really don't know what I was thinking.

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