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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Freeman Lake 10k

Friday night I drove to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to run a 10k trail race with one of my good friends. I ran the Anthem 5k and the Healthcare Classic 5k with her and when she asked me if I would run her first 10k with her, I was honored to do so. She's where I was last year in my running and I remember how nice it would've been to have someone out there running with and supporting me. If I can, I will gladly go and support her. 

When I arrived at her house Friday night, I found this in the guest room. She is such a sweet friend!

We started the race faster than I anticipated and when Mary asked me how fast we were going, she was shocked that we were running a 10:20 mile. We slowed down to her normal pace once we hit the trail portion and did a combination of walking and running to the turn around at the end of the dam. The race was an out and back so we were running single file for some of it as people were coming back and try as hard as I could, I wound up getting ahead of her at several points during the race. 

On the way back, I could tell she was really struggling and I was doing my best to get her to the finish. When we reached the point where the 10k and 5k split, we weren't entirely sure that we went the right way because the arrow that had been spray painted on the dirt was a little fuzzy from everyone running on it. So I just went the way we had come and hoped for the best. I was ahead of her at this point but I was counting off the miles as we hit them. When we were at mile 5 I told her that if she could run the majority of the rest of the race, she would finish under 1:40. Her PR was 1:48 and some change so I knew this would be huge for her. 

Right before we hit 6 miles, I stopped and waited for her because I was there to run with her and we were going to finish together. The race was actually 6.5 miles instead of 6.2, so we ran the last half mile together. And with about 0.25 mi to go, her family found us and had a sign cheering her on. 

That definitely bolstered her and we ran hard to the finish. Even though it was a little longer than a 10k, she shaved three minutes off her 10k and if you go by the actual 10k distance, she actually shaved almost 10 minutes off her time. I am so proud of her! We are going to totally kick butt during the Urban Bourbon in October. 

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