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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kids Behind the Blog - July

I can't believe I forgot about this today! I love this link up because the kids have such random and crazy answers. I decided to ask Ewan just now and this is what he said.

What two things do you like to do outside in the summer?
Go to the beach! Umm...I like to play on our swingset.

If you could go anywhere this summer where would you go and why?
The park because I love to play there.

What is your favorite thing about summer?
Because the sun is so shiny and it lights the chalk up. Huh?!

If you could pick any way to spend a hot Summer day, how would you spend it?
Twist a tomato and pick it off. This kid is silly!

What is your favorite Summer treat?
My favorite summer treat is a...I'll give you a hint. It's fresh from Ms. Ann's garden...squash!

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