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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Colon Screening for Life 5k 2016

I ran this race a year ago as my very first 5k. I was really upset with how I did and vowed to run it again this year and kill it. Well, this year it was over 80 degrees at 8AM on Saturday morning, I hadn't been feeling well earlier in the week and plantar fasciitis in my right foot came back after dancing barefoot at a friend's wedding the week before. I had already decided that the race was going to be what it is and to just go out there and do my best, even if I didn't kill it like I originally intended. Add to it that my stomach was tore up on Saturday morning so I was just going in to it with a whatever happens, happens attitude. 

So we started out and I was just running my race and refusing to look at my watch because I didn't want to know how slow I was going. I started out running in the pack, knowing I was going to get passed left and right, but it felt like I got passed by almost everyone almost immediately. Maybe I was closer to the front this time, I don't know, but I figured I must be running a 14 minute mile so you can imagine my surprise when my watch beeped for mile 1 and it was 12:02.

At this point I had a small thought in the back of my mind that it might be possible to go sub-40 if I could average a 12:50 or faster pace but I was going to have to play it smart. So I walked the water stops and dumped half of my water on my head each time, as well as taking a couple walk breaks in a few shady spots during mile 2, which I finished in 13:15. So far, so good to hit sub-40.

Meanwhile, I passed Alan and the kids and they were having a blast playing in the fountain downtown along the river. We drive by it on the way to and from daycare everyday and they always want to play in it so I'm glad they got the chance!

For mile 3, which I finished in 12:47, I was just counting down the blocks till Main Street...Cherry, 2.75 miles at 37 minutes "Almost there, it's gonna be close but you just might get it"...Walnut "Kick it up a notch"...Main "Hi five Ewan! Now GO!"

I rounded that corner and saw the clock turn over to 39 minutes and I floored it to the finish. Official time was 39:12.5. I finally, finally did it! It's not the fastest 5k I have ever ran nor is it the first time I have run a sub-40 5k in a longer distance race, but it IS the first time I have ran a sub-40 5k race. This is huge for me because a 5k is the hardest distance for me. The first three or so miles of any run are always the hardest and I don't usually hit my stride until sometime between miles 3-4 so for me to be able to finally do it and to do it at this race which was so disappointing for me last year is epic. Told ya I was coming for you Colon Screening for Life! 

I can't leave out the kids either! They were able to do this kids dash this year and they had a blast. Plus they got a medal!

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