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Monday, May 16, 2016

$10 at Target - May

Sweet Turtle Soup

Last month, my friend Dara did this challenge and I thought it was a fun idea. And for me, definitely a challenge! I love Target and whenever I go in there I always seem to come back with way more than I intended. Back in the day I used to work for the company so I like to think that I have "insider knowledge" of how everything works. It's been seven years now so who knows if it's really the same or not. But props for trying! 

I definitely made sure to go on a day when I was by myself and not in a hurry. I got my absolute favorite Starbucks drink (a Strawberries n Cream Frappuccino with hazlenut syrup, sounds weird but it tastes like Captain Crunch with crunch berries - yum!) and set out in the store.

I thought this would be hard because it would be hard to only spend $10. Well it was hard, but because it was hard to find enough to make $10! I grew up with hoarders (for real) and it's really hard for me to just buy random stuff. So with that said, here's what I came up with.

 I totally took a photo in the cart because those peanut butter cups weren't making it home....

I found the oil diffuser, magnetic notepad and washi tape in the dollar spot. The diffuser went in our foyer, the washi tape in the craft stuff and the notepad in the kitchen. I love the magnetic ones because I can put them on fridge and just have a running grocery list. But that only totaled $5. Since I was getting stuff for me, I decided on some Justin's Peanut Butter cups because I love them and a Naked smoothie because I also love them and they were on sale. My total you ask?

$9.98. I did quite well!

What would you buy if you had $10 to spend at Target?

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