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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Healthcare Classic 5k

Saturday morning I was back in Louisville to run the Healthcare Classic 5k with my friend Mary, with whom I ran the Anthem 5k back in February. 

The Anthem 5k was also in Louisville, but it was downtown, where it is flat. The Healthcare Classic was at Cherokee Park (designed by Frederick Law Olmsted - the guy who designed Central Park - for those of you who like random trivia), which is super hilly. The race started at the top of a giant hill and went downhill for almost the entire first mile (which we finished in 12:55 - way faster than Mary normally runs!). It was great for the beginning, but unfortunately that meant we had to go up the giant hill to finish.

We chatted about life as we ran through the park, enjoying the spring morning. And going up and down hills. According to my Garmin we finished in 45:22, although I forgot to stop it as soon as we crossed the finish. We don't have our official times yet (they did manual timing!), but it's probably more like 45:15. I feel bad because she wanted to a) be under 45 minutes again and b) beat our time from the Anthem 5k, which was 44:45. We were just shy of her goal. However, Alan brought up a good point. We were able to stay consistent to her normal times, even with the hill. That just goes to show how much she's improving!

For me, it was a much needed hill workout. The beginning of the River Run is super hilly, so I definitely need to practice on hills!

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