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Friday, January 1, 2016

Goals for January 2016

Happy New Year! We're on our way to Disney today - Woo! - but I wanted to get my monthly goals down before we go. You know, new year and all that jazz. I know I just did my yearly recap post, but here is how I did in December.

  • Get our Christmas cards sent out by December 15. I honestly didn't pay attention to when I got the last card sent out, but it was before the week of Christmas. 
  • Have Christmas presents wrapped by December 20. Well, we had most of them wrapped, but there's a little girl in my house that doesn't like to go to bed so it was a little difficult to get them all wrapped. 
  • Have a successful cookie decorating party. Done! I wrote about it here
  • Enjoy my birthday. I had a wonderful 34th birthday filled with running and family fun.
  • Take the kids to the Christmas lights display at the fairgrounds. We did take the kids, but unfortunately it happened to be the night that the fairgrounds had dinner with Santa so the kids didn't get to see him.
  • Enjoy Christmas! We did! And I wrote about it here.
January is a big month in our house this year. Not only are we celebrating Ewan's birthday, but we're also at Disney! Work is still crazy too. I do have goals for this month, but I'm not making them too lofty. 
  • Enjoy Disney!
  • Make sure Ewan has a wonderful 5th birthday and party. 
  • Figure something out to get Cecily to go to bed. She will not go to bed unless I go with her...we don't believe in cry it out, but it has gotten to the point that it is completely ridiculous!
  • Come up with a new 101 in 1001. I noticed that mine was up back in SEPTEMBER, but life has been so crazy that I just haven't had a chance to redo it. 
I think that's gonna be it for this month. I'm sure it will fly by, especially with the the first week being vacation. At least that means it's that much closer to spring!

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