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Monday, December 14, 2015

New and Old Traditions

I have written before about our tradition to go see the Christmas lights at the Winter Carnival at the local 4H fairgrounds. It's something we do every year and the kids love it, even if this year we didn't get to see Santa because the night we chose happened to be the only Friday night Santa's Workshop was closed because he was at a dinner that night....oops!

This year we have also started a tradition that we always did with my family growing up. I lived with my mom and grandma and when I was young my grandma made Holly Hobby dolls out of scrap material and then decorated my own birthday tree with them. She put this tree up every year for me and after she died it was something I wanted to continue in my own house. Except that I couldn't find the dolls until this year. They were stashed in a closet and I came across them when I was helping clean out my mom's house earlier this year. 

I was so excited to finally find them because I had been asking about them for years, even before she passed away. Most people that see them probably wonder what the heck they are, but they're one of the few things I have of my grandmother's and putting up my own Holly Hobby tree is a tradition I want to start in my own home. This year I have them on a small tree - another find from when I went "shopping" at my mother's - and I intend on getting a larger tree for next year because they're are SO many dolls that only a fraction of them are on this tiny tree. But, it makes a great addition to our dining room!

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