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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sheriff Callie Birthday Party

Saturday was finally Cecily's birthday party. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, but since we were out of town and the place where we wanted to have it was booked the following weekend, it was two weeks late. But it was worth it because we surprised her with a pony party!

I don't normally do this, but I had a theme for all of the food. It was Sheriff Callie and her friends' favorites. Sparky's hay bales, Deputy Peck's trail mix, Toby's popcorn, Tio's chili and Sheriff Callie's badge. 

She did NOT want us to sing or even say Happy Birthday to her...what is up with my kids and three year old parties, I will never know. Ewan was the same way - he made us sing to him in Spanish when he turned three. 

She got to ride a pony, go through a petting zoo and run all over the playground and rock wall. The girl is fearless!

I'm so glad this girl had a great party!

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