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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Friday!

I had originally intended to write this post on Monday about our whirlwind weekend, but I went to Chicago for work and the week got away from me. So now it's a whirlwind week!

Last weekend we celebrated our wedding anniversary and Cecily's birthday, but also traveled to Ft. Wayne for my cousin's wedding. 

The kids both walked down the aisle, which everyone was excited about because I really didn't think it would happen. It was quite comical because the other ring bearer pushed past Cecily and she started yelling at him and then got mad because she wanted to stand up at the front of the church instead of sit with Alan and I. 

Sunday was her birthday so we opened gifts in the hotel in the morning and then went to a local park to let the kids run around and take some photos. The leaves were just past peak and BEAUTIFUL! I was afraid that we weren't going to be able to take our annual fall foliage hike with all that we have going on and we were able to take a mini one at least. 

We then took her to this place called Jungle George for her birthday lunch. It was supposed to be an arcade with inflatables and she really wanted to bounce so we went there instead of Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah...it was like they purchased a bunch of old arcade equipment from an auction and it was crappy. And more expensive! At least the kids enjoyed it, right? 

I then got to drive five hours back to Evansville and then turn around and drive six hours to the north side of Chicago for work on Monday. At least I got to one of my favorite cities, even if I do feel like a nomad this week :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend AND Halloween!

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