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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Evansville Half Marathon

Yesterday I did something that never in a million years I thought I would do. I finished a half marathon. 

Was it pretty? The first nine or so miles were. I have been training by doing a split consisting of running a mile/walking a minute. My plan was to walk the water stops and since they were at almost every mile, my training would work out. I had intended to stick with the 3 hour pacer for as long as possible - I figured that I would finish right around the three hour mark and definitely no more than three and a half hours. 

I was able to stick with her for the first mile. She took off like a madwoman and I was dodging all the walkers trying to keep up with her. A little after the first mile, she was out of my sight in the crowd. I had been training on my own so I would run it on my own too. 

Mile 1: 13:35
Mile 2: 15:08
Mile 3: 14:16
Mile 4: 14:09
Mile 5: 13:17

As usual, by mile 4 I had finally found my stride and I was on fire. There were people all along the course cheering us on and I was slowly passing people. I have been been telling myself that I just want to finish and that there's no need to be competitive, but let's face it, I'm naturally a competitive person. I really wanted to get around this group that was run/walking five across and making it incredibly difficult to pass. We were playing leapfrog and I wanted to pass them for good. By mile 6 I had, even with stopping to go to the bathroom.

Mile 6: 13:43
Mile 7: 14:11

We were on Greenway now, which I had never been on before. This is the section that has some mild hills and I had decided that I was going to walk them to conserve energy for the end. My knee and foot were also starting to hurt and my ultimate goal was to not wind up in the first aid tent. Somewhere around here, I saw my friend Andrea cheering for everyone and she ran with me a little bit - it was great to see her smiling face, especially since she was unable to run this year.

Mile 8: 14:25
Mile 9: 14:58

Somewhere around here, I started running with an Army vet. It was his first half too and we were cheering each other on. But I was hurting. Bad.

Mile 10: 15:41
Mile 11: 17:24

This is where it really started to go downhill. I walked most of mile 11. My foot and knee were hurting so bad that I was limping and I seriously debated quitting at this point. I kept telling myself that dang it I was so close and even I had to crawl, I was not quitting when I was this close. So I chugged on and made myself start running again when we were back downtown.

Mile 12: 15:08
Mile 13: 17:01
Mile 13.1: 14:30

You have no idea how long Third Street is when you're waiting to turn to go onto the Greenway along the Ohio River. It. Was. Torture. Once I hit mile 12, I walked until I was on the Greenway again, where I could see the finish. I gave it everything I had left to get there.

I finished in 03:17:57.

Yesterday afternoon I couldn't put weight on my foot because it hurt so bad. After taking an epsom salt bath, I pretty much hung out on the couch and watched Netflix. Today I'm still pretty sore, but my foot isn't nearly as bad, thankfully.

I am so incredibly proud of myself for having the dedication to train to do this and for finishing, especially with an injury. Will I do one again? Honestly I don't know. I'm perfectly happy running 5 and 10k's and will continue to do so. As for another half marathon, ask me again next summer.

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