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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Celebrating Six Years

How is it that six years ago today feels like it was only yesterday? 

Everyone says that you don't remember the little things about your wedding, but I do. I remember that it was a cold and overcast day and that after the ceremony it was sleeting! 

I remember the beautiful leaves outside the church as we walked along the sidewalk. 

My friend and photographer, Sheena, sending me photos of the reception decorations while my bridesmaids and I got ready. 

I remember trying so hard not to cry while walking down the aisle but I did it anyway because I was so happy that this day was finally here. 

I remember greeting all of our friends and family afterwards and being so happy that they came from far away to be there with us. 

I remember dancing all evening at the reception and leading the conga line throughout!

Most of all I remember how much I love you and what a wonderful husband, father and friend you are.

Today we're not only celebrating six years of marriage, but also my cousin who is getting married today. So when we toast at the wedding, we have a secret - it's for us too :-)

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