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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Goals and September Recap

September has completely flown by, even faster than I thought it would. Tomorrow is October, my favorite month of the year. It's time for pumpkins, changing leaves, cooler temps and Halloween! And let's not forget Alan and Cecily's birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Unfortunately it's also shaping up to be even more crazy than September with both of us being out of town for work.

Speaking of September, how did I do?
  • Continue training for the half marathon. The half is this coming Saturday and I have powered through training sessions even with plantar fasciitis and overstretching my knee. I am slightly terrified about completing it, but I know that I will do it, even if it isn't how I expected.
  • Clean the house. Ugh, yeah. Don't want to talk about it.
  • Start planning Cecily's birthday party. Half completed? I have the place booked and food ideas. I just need to order decorations. 
And here are my goals for October:
  • Complete the Evansville Half Marathon.
  • Finish planning Cecily's birthday party. 
  • Take the kids to the pumpkin patch and night time corn maze. 
  • Enjoy my cousin's wedding (and our wedding anniversary!)
  • Take time out to enjoy my favorite time of year amongst the craziness that is work right now. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's Ok September 29, 2015

...that I went to the fall craft show this weekend and didn't buy anything.

...that Alan doesn't understand why I stood outside for over an hour and watched the Super Blood Moon eclipse.

...that I'm slightly terrified about running a half marathon on Saturday.

...that I can't remember the last time I went to band rehearsal because life has been so crazy.

...that I have totally dropped the ball on planning Cecily's birthday. I have the location but that's it.

...that I'm still wondering where September went!

What's ok with you this week?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sausage and Rice Stuffing

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Hands down, one of my favorite meals is sausage stuffing. There's just something about the mixture of sweetness from the cranberries with the saltiness of sausage and the crunchiness of pistachios that I love. After the first time I made it for Thanksgiving a few years ago, I put it into our regular meal rotation.

It's so easy to make. Brown a pound of sausage with 1/2 onion, 2 c spinach (or any other dark green you have on hand), 1/4 c cranberries, 1/4 c pistachios, 2-3 cloves garlic and some handfuls of chopped parsley. I don't really have a set amount of anything, so these are approximations. I just throw it all in until it looks good. Combine it with two cups cooked brown rice and bam! Amazing dinner. When I was planning my grocery trip this week, though, I realized that we haven't had it in forever. Oops!

So, I headed out to my local Schnucks to buy groceries, making sure I had the ingredients I need for my sausage stuffing on the list. Rice, check. Cranberries, check. Pistachios, check. Spinach, check. 

Schnucks is already one of the few grocery stores at which I shop, and I just love their deals. One of my favorites is their buy 10, get the 11th free that happens every few weeks. I almost always stock up on produce to chop and freeze for later. Having all those cut up peppers and onions in my freezer, ready to go, makes cooking dinner so much easier, especially during the week when we get home and we're all starving. I also love the fact that Schnucks has their own organic brand, Full Circle, with TONS on products throughout the store. It makes buying organic so much more affordable. 

 I even threw some of those peppers into my stuffing this week. It's so pretty!

Something I noticed on this trip was that I kept seeing little tags with Schnucks Savings Salute all over the place. I have seen it in the weekly ad before too, but never really paid much attention. I did now, however. 

Seriously. I saw this little guy everywhere!

Schnucks has lowered prices on tons of items throughout the store as a thank you to their customers, it's awesome. Really. I love being able to save money and feel like I'm not selling out to do so. Thank you Schnucks!

Oh, and I hope you enjoy the stuffing. We sure did for dinner last night!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's OK September 22, 2015

...that we had to put almost $1000 in new tires and struts on my car last week.

...that I am so glad the kids soccer is finally over this week.

...that I can't wait to go to The Slice (my favorite pizza joint) now that soccer is over.

...that the batch of chili I made to freeze last week totally didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.

...that I hurt my knee running Sunday Ok, not really. I'm going to be so pissed if I can't run the half in TWO weeks!

What's ok with you this week?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kentucky State Fair 2015

So I was out of town for work a couple weeks ago and took a complete blogging break. No writing or reading of blogs. It wasn't intentional, but after climbing the mountains of Eastern Kentucky looking for cemeteries, I was exhausted when I got back to my hotel room and just wanted to sleep. Not gonna lie, it was nice. Our life has been so crazy the last couple weeks and is only going to get crazier the closer it gets to Christmas. Then we get a vacation!

However, we did go to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville the weekend after I got home. As usual, the kids had a blast for the most part. Cecily loved petting the animals and Ewan loved riding the along the Midway. 

I, of course, enjoyed the fruits and veggies and the Christmas trees. We have gone four years in a row now and they are always my favorite thing of the entire fair.

Ewan, poor kid, was so exhausted by the time we left that he fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner and slept through until morning!

Did you go to your state's fair this summer? How was it?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Minnesota Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was a long, short weekend. Alan and I dropped the kids off at his parents in Louisville and drove 12 hours to the Twin Cities to go to the wedding of a good friend of ours from grad school who got married. 

Sadly, I only took one photo on my camera, but if you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen several more. Like my ten mile run. I have really gotten into posting more on there lately, but I digress...

My only photo...after several many glasses of wine. 

Her wedding was on the rooftop of an historic library overlooking the St. Croix River and Wisconsin. It was beautiful. The theme was the 1920s and everything was perfect, from her being serenaded as she walked down the aisle, to dancing under the stars, lanterns and ivy. Yes, Alan actually danced with me! 

We have phone dates every few months, but haven't actually seen each other since I got married almost six years ago. Seeing Katie again made me realize how much I miss her. I know she's enjoying her honeymoon in Hawaii right now, but she does read my blog on occasion and this is for her. Thank you so much for including us on your special day. It was beautiful and you are beautiful. I hope we can actually get together again sometime in the next six years!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's Ok September 15, 2015

...that I'm having a bad day today :(

...that I didn't get a chance to meet up with a blogger I like this weekend (sorry Echo!). 

...that I have stopped reading certain blogs that don't or no longer comment on mine. 

...that I'm still exhausted from my long short weekend even though I had so much fun. 

...that I am so excited we are not going anywhere this weekend. 

...that my watermelon plant in my garden is finally growing a mid-September. 

...that I almost wrote today's post as October 15!

What's ok with you this week?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day and Weekend Crazies

This coming weekend marks the third weekend in a row that we will be out of town...ahh! We're going to our friend's wedding in Minnestoa and while I'm excited to see her since we haven't since our wedding...almost six years ago...I will admit that I will be so happy to stay home next weekend. We're also driving 24 hours in three days...double ahh!

We spent Labor Day weekend at my family's lake house and my cousin's bridal shower and bachelorette party was also the same weekend. Unfortunately neither Alan nor I took any photos of the weekend, but if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of the shenanigans.

Saturday, Cecily and I went to my cousin's shower while Alan and Ewan had a boys' day. She was so cute "helping" Brittany open her gifts and everyone kept remarking on how cute she is (if they only saw her at bedtime... :-) ). While the kids hung out with Alan at the lake on Sunday, I went on my cousin's bachelorette party, which was visiting wineries in Southwest Michigan. I love visiting wineries and don't get to do it very often so I was super excited she invited me. It was a blast!

A photo posted by Dablon Vineyards (@dablonwinery) on

We visited wineries in Southeast Michigan for my own bachelorette party so it brought back fun memories of my day too :-) You should be impressed, I only bought ONE bottle of wine...and 25 lbs of apples! As I was driving to where the party bus was picking us up, I kept seeing signs for Michigan apples. Well, at the last winery we visited, there was also an I hit it up. 


While I wish I would've been able to spend more time actually at the lake other than Monday morning, we had a great weekend. I'm looking forward to another one at our friend's wedding too!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Family Photos 2015

The last couple years we have had family photos taken in the fall, but this year we decided to change it up and have them done in the summer. Except that this summer has completely flown by. Oops! Luckily we were able to schedule a mini session with our photographer during the local La Leche League summer event a few weeks ago. 

Here are a few of my favorites. 

We have a picture wall in our family room and I can't wait to add to it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's OK September 1, 2015

...that my house is a complete wreck because we've both been out of town the last two weeks.

...that my foot hurts like crazy due to plantar fasciitis that has returned since I've been running so much.

...that I am so excited my foot compression sleeve arrived yesterday, a day early.

...that wearing said foot sleeve is pure heaven.

...that Alan says I don't have an injury, just a hurt foot. He has NO IDEA how painful this is...

...that I'm excited for a three day weekend, even though it's going to fly by. 

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