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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals and June Recap

So July has completely snuck up on me! I wasn't paying attention and realized last night that July was today. How can 2015 be halfway through already?! 

How did I do in June? I had to go back and look at my goals because this month has been so busy that I didn't even remember what they were. Oops!

  • Not flip out when Alan "remodels" our kitchen in a few weeks. I didn't think I "flipped out," I only made a comment about the paint brushes in the fridge and a rag on the counter, but according to Alan that was flipping out. I think I did really well considering the kitchen still isn't completely put back together so I'm counting this one as a win. 
  • Finish my first 5k race in under 40 minutes. Even though I didn't finish my first 5k in under 40 minutes, I went and ran a second 5k race the following weekend and am training for a 10k in August. So, I'm counting this one as completed. 
  • Get my blog stats back up to at least where they were in April. My stats for June are higher than they were in April. Boom!
  • Document more recipes for the blog. Well, I took photos of some of our dinners, but didn't get the chance to put them on the blog..so I guess this is half completed? 
  • Get back into cleaning the house regularly. Yeah...let's not talk about this one.  
  • Get back into going to church twice a month. Or this one either...we went once in June though!

  • Here are my goals for July:
    • Continue to train for a 10k in August. 
    • Stick to a house cleaning schedule. 
    • Keep my blog stats up. 
    • Go to church twice a month. 
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