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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

We normally go up to the lake to visit my family over the fourth, but due to some pipes bursting this past winter, the house is kind of a mess still so we opted to stay home instead. Alan's parents came for the weekend and his dad helped finish the kitchen cabinet sprucing up since the doors wouldn't sit right and Alan didn't have the right tools to fix it. Unfortunately I took very few photos, so you'll just have take my word for it about our weekend. 

Friday night the community band I play in was the entertainment for the fireworks in the next town over so Alan, the kids and I went. The band held a potluck cookout and then we played. Even though it rained for about five minutes in the middle of our concert, all was generally good. Afterwards, we were waiting for the fireworks to start and right when they were supposed to, the organizers told the crowd that they would be delayed to 9:30 because a storm was supposed to blow through the area. Well, it definitely did. It POURED...and we didn't have any umbrellas! We forgot the two we did have in the car so the kids and I hid under a fleece blanket trying to wait it out. We still got wet, but not as wet as Alan, who just stood outside in the downpour. The fireworks got delayed again and we decided to go home because we were all cold and the kids were beyond tired. Of course, as soon as we pulled up to our house, we could hear the fireworks going off. It's actually caused a big hullabalou here because most people had left and people are really mad that they had a rain date and didn't postpone them. 

Saturday, we had a cookout with Alan's parents, his brother and his wife and their kids. The kids all had a blast running through the carwash sprinkler Alan made last year and playing on the swingset. We didn't go to the fireworks, but I had bought several packs of sprinklers for the kids. Of course, Cecily loved them and Ewan was terrified. He would hold one and as soon as it was lit, he would freak out, drop it and run away. Our neighbors across the street were also shooting off fireworks and he was terrified of them too. Poor kid!

All in all, it was a good weekend celebrating our nation with family.

How did you spend the 4th of July?

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