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Friday, July 31, 2015

August Goals and July Recap

I think I failed at all of my goals for this month...oops! Time has just gotten away from me and it's been super hot on the weekends so you melt if you go outside. I guess there's always next month, right?

  • Continue to train for a 10k in August. I have been running on the treadmill, but not sticking to my 10k training plan that's on the fridge. The kids started SoccerTots and it's super hard to get everything in in one day right now. There's a group through the YMCA here called Team 13 that started in July and runs three times a week building up your mileage to run the Evansville half marathon in October. I was planning on joining because I need the accountability of a group, but I can only go on Saturdays and was going to miss almost half of them due to being out of town. I just couldn't justify spending the money to join when I was only going to be at a fraction of the runs. The 10k that I was planning on running next weekend is also out since I have been out of town a lot and haven't been able to get as much mileage as I'd like. I was planning on making that up this week, but have been sidelined with a horrible cold and haven't done much of anything other than lie on the couch in misery. There are a couple other 10k's in September before the half and I plan to register for one. 
  • Stick to a house cleaning schedule. The house is trashed I tell you. Trashed. We're having a bunch of people over for dinner next week so I know it'll be cleaned, but I was hoping to stick to a schedule so we're not frantically deep cleaning everything like usual. 
  • Keep my blog stats up.  Oh! I did this one, miraculously. 
  • Go to church twice a month. Yeah, didn't happen, again because we've been out of town a lot. 
I really don't have any goals for August because this month is going to be crazy for us. Alan and I are going to be out of town for two weeks for work and in between we'll be helping his brother move into their new house. Plus, Ewan starts pre-k in just over a week (what?!) so we'll be getting into the swing of things for that. If I had to put some goals down, I would say they are this:
  • Fit in my runs whenever I can. If I'm going to run that 10k in September and the half in October, I MUST do this.
  • Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. I am normally really good about this, but I have seriously slacked since the kids started soccer. If we're going to make getting out the door in the morning in time to drop both kids off and get to work AND get home and eat at a decent hour, I need to get back on the ball.
  • Yard work. You know how I said the house is trashed? I should've said inside and out. It's been so hot that doing any form of yard work when it's daylight out has been torture. Well, it's to the point that if we don't do it now, it's going to really suck come the fall when we have to clean it all out AND rake leaves.
  • Clean the house. I'm not going to worry about a schedule for this month, or probably the rest of the year because the fall and the holidays are always insane for us. I'm just going to clean things when I can.
What about you? Do you have any goal for August?

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