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Friday, July 31, 2015

August Goals and July Recap

I think I failed at all of my goals for this month...oops! Time has just gotten away from me and it's been super hot on the weekends so you melt if you go outside. I guess there's always next month, right?

  • Continue to train for a 10k in August. I have been running on the treadmill, but not sticking to my 10k training plan that's on the fridge. The kids started SoccerTots and it's super hard to get everything in in one day right now. There's a group through the YMCA here called Team 13 that started in July and runs three times a week building up your mileage to run the Evansville half marathon in October. I was planning on joining because I need the accountability of a group, but I can only go on Saturdays and was going to miss almost half of them due to being out of town. I just couldn't justify spending the money to join when I was only going to be at a fraction of the runs. The 10k that I was planning on running next weekend is also out since I have been out of town a lot and haven't been able to get as much mileage as I'd like. I was planning on making that up this week, but have been sidelined with a horrible cold and haven't done much of anything other than lie on the couch in misery. There are a couple other 10k's in September before the half and I plan to register for one. 
  • Stick to a house cleaning schedule. The house is trashed I tell you. Trashed. We're having a bunch of people over for dinner next week so I know it'll be cleaned, but I was hoping to stick to a schedule so we're not frantically deep cleaning everything like usual. 
  • Keep my blog stats up.  Oh! I did this one, miraculously. 
  • Go to church twice a month. Yeah, didn't happen, again because we've been out of town a lot. 
I really don't have any goals for August because this month is going to be crazy for us. Alan and I are going to be out of town for two weeks for work and in between we'll be helping his brother move into their new house. Plus, Ewan starts pre-k in just over a week (what?!) so we'll be getting into the swing of things for that. If I had to put some goals down, I would say they are this:
  • Fit in my runs whenever I can. If I'm going to run that 10k in September and the half in October, I MUST do this.
  • Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. I am normally really good about this, but I have seriously slacked since the kids started soccer. If we're going to make getting out the door in the morning in time to drop both kids off and get to work AND get home and eat at a decent hour, I need to get back on the ball.
  • Yard work. You know how I said the house is trashed? I should've said inside and out. It's been so hot that doing any form of yard work when it's daylight out has been torture. Well, it's to the point that if we don't do it now, it's going to really suck come the fall when we have to clean it all out AND rake leaves.
  • Clean the house. I'm not going to worry about a schedule for this month, or probably the rest of the year because the fall and the holidays are always insane for us. I'm just going to clean things when I can.
What about you? Do you have any goal for August?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunny Days with the Sunshine Voxbox!

I have gotten my fair share of voxboxes and some have been ok and some have been not so great, like the last one I received. The #SunshineVoxbox, however, was surprisingly pretty decent.

Let's start with what isn't pictured:

barkTHINS ($4.99)
These aren't pictured because they never made it home. I received a coupon for a free package and picked them up on my lunch break. They were gone before the end of the day. I chose the dark chocolate pretzel bark, which is one of my favorite snacks. Salty and sweet, yum! They're also nonGMO and you have no idea how excited I was to see these!

Dickinson's Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths ($6.99)
I am no stranger to these, having received them in my very first voxbox. I couldn't stand the smell then, but now it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because I have become much more crunchy in the last two years? Witch hazel is also an ingredient in my homemade bug spray - and I love it's smell!

Blue Diamond Sirracha Almonds ($1.59)
Alan loves almonds and would be all over these...except that they're sirracha and he doesn't like spicy foods. So, they'll go to work where they will be gobbled up. My co-worker thanks you, Influenster!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish ($1.99)
I received this in Real Teal. While it's not a color I would wear, Cecily loved it. She keeps telling everyone about her blue toes.


Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-in Smoothing Creme ($6.99)
My mom used Infusium 23 products on my hair all the time when I was a kid so I know that they're good. However, I don't use leave-in products in my hair.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer ($6.49)
I also received Vaseline's spray lotion in my first voxbox. Same as before, it doesn't do much to help moisturize my dry skin. But, I'm not one to turn down lotion in any form.

Thanks for listening this time Influenster!

Did you receive the #Sunshine Vox Box? What did you think?

I received these products for free thanks to Influenster in exchange for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Ok July 28, 2015

...that I have several blog posts I would like to write but haven't had a chance because a certain almost three year old wants me to lie with her to go to sleep every night.

...that I almost melted at band rehearsal last week.

...that even though I haven't talked to my elementary and middle school best friend since we graduated high school 15 years ago, a part of me is heartbroken for her when I saw that her mom passed away last week. My thoughts have been with you Mo. 

...that I am running another 5k on Saturday and a 10k a week from Saturday.

...that I am slightly terrified about running these races.

...that we went to the Magic House in St. Louis this past weekend and now I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.

...that all I could think about while there was how the whole place was filled with germs.

...that I'm apparently becoming a germaphobe.

What's ok with you this week?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yet Another Reason

So I was checking Facebook today and this happened. A guy walked into a busy McDonald's during the morning rush wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a molotov cocktail and a pipe bomb inside a bag. 

Pardon my language, but WTF is going on in Evansville?! First someone was murdered not too far from my house and now this. This is insane. 

Alan and I were talking about this today and I don't think people are any crazier than they've always been, it's just that we get news immediately now, whereas back in 1700, it could take weeks or months for news to travel via foot, horseback or ship. 

These two events in less than a week just blow my mind. You think you're safe and then things like this happen. Thank God there was someone paying attention in the restaurant or it could've been really really bad. 

Again, another reminder to always be aware of your surroundings and not to hesitate to call 911 when something isn't right.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Ok July 21, 2015

It's ok...that I am so exhausted lately that it's all I can do to get out of bed.

It's ok...that I joke about having West Nile, but that I am kind of serious.

It's ok...that I'm struggling to find time to run my long runs.

It's ok...that I am desperately behind of reading blogs (sorry!).

It's ok...that I'm addicted to this cranberry granola kettle corn I found at Sam's last week.

What's ok with you this week?

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Reminder to Always Be Vigilant

Last night this happened. A man was shot and killed two streets away from my neighborhood. I live on the other side of the neighborhood from where this happened, but I am freaked out. This particular intersection is a dead end street, so I haven't run down it...but I do run on the next street over. If I had gone to the gym last night like I originally intended, I would've been driving home right past this intersection when it happened.

Unfortunately, shootings happen in Evansville more frequently than you'd think. It is the third largest city in Indiana, afterall. Shootings, and crime in general can happen anywhere, from a large city to the middle of nowhere. That doesn't mean that this is a little to close to home, literally, for comfort. I live in a good neighborhood, somewhere where you wouldn't think something like this would happen. 

I don't know if others are as freaked out as I am, but let's just say that I'm glad it's super hot and I've been running at the gym. Let's just say that I will be continuing that for awhile. 

I like to think that I am a savvy person and remain aware of my surroundings. But, I'm taking this as a reminder to always be vigilant of where you are and those around you because you never know. 

You should too. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's Official...I'm About to Drink the KoolAid

Alan and I officially booked our first family Disney World vacation for January this week. 

 Alan and I on my first trip to Disney World in 2010 when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Ewan. 

Back in May when I went on our winery day with my friends, I was joking around with them that they drank the KoolAid and were part of some Disney cult. One friend had just come back from Disney and the other is planning a trip for October so they were all about it. Well, apparently I'm now joining because Alan keeps asking me about various things we should plan for the kids to do and I have no idea what he's talking about. Seems he's been planning this for awhile now...Disney is serious business! 

So, do you have any Disney tips for us?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's Ok July 14, 2015


It's ok...that life has gotten in the way and I wasn't able to blog at all last week.

It's ok...that I'm out of town for work this week and it's going to be hotter than it was in Louisiana.

It's ok...that Ewan goes through pre-K workbooks in a day.

It's ok...that he also starts pre-K at the beginning of August and we still haven't heard anything about registration, the first day, etc. 

It's ok...that Cecily has started her sleep shenanigans...again.

It's ok...that I am completely exhausted this week!

What's ok with you this week?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

We normally go up to the lake to visit my family over the fourth, but due to some pipes bursting this past winter, the house is kind of a mess still so we opted to stay home instead. Alan's parents came for the weekend and his dad helped finish the kitchen cabinet sprucing up since the doors wouldn't sit right and Alan didn't have the right tools to fix it. Unfortunately I took very few photos, so you'll just have take my word for it about our weekend. 

Friday night the community band I play in was the entertainment for the fireworks in the next town over so Alan, the kids and I went. The band held a potluck cookout and then we played. Even though it rained for about five minutes in the middle of our concert, all was generally good. Afterwards, we were waiting for the fireworks to start and right when they were supposed to, the organizers told the crowd that they would be delayed to 9:30 because a storm was supposed to blow through the area. Well, it definitely did. It POURED...and we didn't have any umbrellas! We forgot the two we did have in the car so the kids and I hid under a fleece blanket trying to wait it out. We still got wet, but not as wet as Alan, who just stood outside in the downpour. The fireworks got delayed again and we decided to go home because we were all cold and the kids were beyond tired. Of course, as soon as we pulled up to our house, we could hear the fireworks going off. It's actually caused a big hullabalou here because most people had left and people are really mad that they had a rain date and didn't postpone them. 

Saturday, we had a cookout with Alan's parents, his brother and his wife and their kids. The kids all had a blast running through the carwash sprinkler Alan made last year and playing on the swingset. We didn't go to the fireworks, but I had bought several packs of sprinklers for the kids. Of course, Cecily loved them and Ewan was terrified. He would hold one and as soon as it was lit, he would freak out, drop it and run away. Our neighbors across the street were also shooting off fireworks and he was terrified of them too. Poor kid!

All in all, it was a good weekend celebrating our nation with family.

How did you spend the 4th of July?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals and June Recap

So July has completely snuck up on me! I wasn't paying attention and realized last night that July was today. How can 2015 be halfway through already?! 

How did I do in June? I had to go back and look at my goals because this month has been so busy that I didn't even remember what they were. Oops!

  • Not flip out when Alan "remodels" our kitchen in a few weeks. I didn't think I "flipped out," I only made a comment about the paint brushes in the fridge and a rag on the counter, but according to Alan that was flipping out. I think I did really well considering the kitchen still isn't completely put back together so I'm counting this one as a win. 
  • Finish my first 5k race in under 40 minutes. Even though I didn't finish my first 5k in under 40 minutes, I went and ran a second 5k race the following weekend and am training for a 10k in August. So, I'm counting this one as completed. 
  • Get my blog stats back up to at least where they were in April. My stats for June are higher than they were in April. Boom!
  • Document more recipes for the blog. Well, I took photos of some of our dinners, but didn't get the chance to put them on the blog..so I guess this is half completed? 
  • Get back into cleaning the house regularly. Yeah...let's not talk about this one.  
  • Get back into going to church twice a month. Or this one either...we went once in June though!

  • Here are my goals for July:
    • Continue to train for a 10k in August. 
    • Stick to a house cleaning schedule. 
    • Keep my blog stats up. 
    • Go to church twice a month. 
    Link up with us below!

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