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Saturday, June 13, 2015

My First 5k Race

I ran my first 5k this morning and while I finished, to be completely honest, I'm really mad and disappointed in myself. While my ultimate goal was to finish, I really wanted to run the entire time and finish in under 40 minutes. Well, I ran most of it and walked through the water stations and a block or two. Here's my recap:

Start: I better get to the middle to back of the pack so I don't get trampled by people going faster than me...this was a mistake, get out of my way walkers!

Mile 1: These two girls in front of me seem to be going close to my pace.As long as I can stay within about 10 feet of them, I should be fine...Hi Ewan! Where's Daddy and Cecily?...Holy cow I just ran my fastest mile yet! 11:20. I better slow down so I can run the entire thing.

Mile 2: Thank God, here's the water station, I need to walk for a few seconds...Ok, back to running...OMG, I think I'm going to die or throwup, I can't decide but I need to walk for a minute...Ok, here's the turnaround, I'm gonna run all the way back downtown then see how I'm feeling...this is madness, WHY am I doing this?! NEVER again!...Here's the water stop.

Mile 3: I've already walked and I'm pissed because I know I can do this without walking. What IS it with running downtown that makes it so hard for me? I don't care how slow I am, I'm going to run to the end...See? Look, you're almost at the turnaround, you're in the home stretch...Ok, you're at Court Street, only three more blocks to go!...Crap! I can't believe the girl I've been running this last mile with passed me back, floor it!

Finish: I didn't catch her, but I did finish running hard. She finished two seconds before me. I finished at 43:01.1. When my phone told me that at 3 miles my time was 40 minutes and some change, I knew that that goal was gone too, but I was gonna make it under 45 minutes if it killed me. And I did that at least. 

Alan and several people I know who were also there, plus friends at a birthday party we went to later keep telling me that I finished and that I did it, even though I walked some. And my head knows this is true. There is no way I would've been able to do this when I started in January. But, I can't help but feel really disappointed and down on myself for not running the entire thing. I started a 10k training plan for a 10k in August and now I'm torn between not running that race because if I can't even run a 5k, then how am I going to run double the distance and signing up for a 5k next weekend that I had thought about doing just to prove that I really can do it. 

Regardless, Colon Screening for Life 2016, I got my eye on you. I will run the entire thing and blow this year's time out of the water.

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