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Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday!

Alan has been out of town all this week and he came home last night. Let's just say I was so glad to see him! None of us has slept well while he's been gone and I'm exhausted. I have had a busy week, with the last MOPS event until fall and my book club meeting this week too. Luckily the kids were pretty good for MOPS and were asleep before my book club ladies came over. Whew!

Last night we went to our favorite local pizza place with friends to celebrate their daughter's birthday. How is it that she's FIVE already?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was newly pregnant with Ewan and sicker than ever on the Higgins family vacation in Florida when I got the text that she had been born.

This weekend is jam packed with yard work, grocery shopping and hanging out with friends. 

We're hopefully going to hang out with a friend of mine who had a baby last weekend and her son on Saturday and then we'll be going to yesterday's birthday girl's party on Sunday. She and Ewan are buddies and it's always so entertaining to see all the kids play together. 

I've also got to fit in a couple runs this weekend and next week sometime because my first ever 5k is NEXT weekend and I haven't ran in a week. I have done it numerous times now, but never in an official race. To say I'm getting nervous is an understatement. Running the distance a few times before then will definitely make me feel better about things. 

It's going to be crazy, but a great time this weekend!

What about you? Any big weekend plans?

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