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Monday, May 4, 2015

Winery Day

This past weekend a couple friends and I went to several nearby wineries across the river in Kentucky. One of my friends mentioned a couple months ago that she had never been to a winery so I thought I would plan a winery day.

We started the day out with a drive to Owensboro...and had to make a pit stop at Target to pick up some princesses. 

After that, it was all wine fun. 

The first winery we went to wasn't what you would picture when you visit a winery, but they had the best blackberry wine I have ever tasted. It was like blackberries in a bottle!

The next winery was very scenic and we were able taste all the wine. 

We then visited the winery closest to us and probably my favorite of the ones we visited. Plus, they had cheese!

We were late getting back from the last winery, but I'm so glad we went because as the driver, it was definitely the most fun - sorry girls but you were hilarious! :-)

I'm so glad that we finally got to do this and I cannot wait until we do it again!

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