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Sunday, May 31, 2015

June Goals and May Recap

May was a whirlwind. Alan and I both were busy at work and then I spent the last week in Ft. Wayne helping move my mom out of her place (which is a whole other post if I ever decide to talk about it). So, I wasn't able to post as much as I would've liked and my stats definitely took a hit. Ooops! Not that I really care all that much about them, but I guess I better do some work to fix that. 

As for my goals, however, I did awesome. 

  • Sort and price items for the yard sale. Even though we postponed our sale by a week due to rain, and were up pricing items the night before, we made over $400 at our sale. Apparently a holiday weekend is the time to hold one!
  • Sign up for my 5k. Done. I wrote about it here
  • Enjoy the weekend trip Alan has planned this month. We had a great time in Nashville over Mother's Day. Thanks for planning it Love!
  • Not flip out when Alan "remodels" our kitchen in a few weeks. The "remodel" didn't happen because Alan had to postpone his vacation due to being crazy busy at work. Guess that's what happens when you're the boss! He's planning on doing this in June. 

And here are my goals for June:

  • Not flip out when Alan "remodels" our kitchen in a few weeks.
  • Finish my first 5k race in under 40 minutes. I just ran my fastest 5k ever while in my hometown at 39:49 so I know it's possible!
  • Get my blog stats back up to at least where they were in April.
  • Document more recipes for the blog. This ties in with getting my stats back up, but I create all sorts of recipes all the time and especially during CSA season, which started this weekend. I love having all sorts of produce around! 
  • Get back into cleaning the house regularly. We have been slacking again and after coming home this past weekend from a week away, I can't deal with the mess anymore. 
  • Get back into going to church twice a month. I hate to admit this, but we haven't been since before Christmas. Or, we just have to give up on the church we currently attend and find another. I would like Ewan to go to bible school again but we don't even know when it is!
Oh yeah, I also finally got my haircut at the end of April :-)   

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