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Friday, May 1, 2015

April Recap and May Goals

I can't believe it's already May. Time just flies by when you're having run right?

Here's how I did in April:
  • Finish c25k and register for my first 5k. Done. Well it will be this weekend. I have one more day to go!
  • Put together our raised beds and start planting our garden. Done. We got everything planted and have begun using some of the greens and herbs. I can't wait until we have all the veggies from the garden and our CSA. Now to deal with the chamelion plant...any ideas? 
  • Sort items for our yard sale. We plan on having a yard sale in May and I really need to get on going through our stuff to figure out what to put in it. Our yard sale is in two weeks and I am planning on sorting some this weekend and then in the evenings over the next few weeks. 
And here are my goals for May:
  • Sort and price items for the yard sale. 
  • Sign up for my 5k. I know which one I'm doing, I just haven't signed up yet because I was out of fun money. 
  • Enjoy the weekend trip Alan has planned this month. Since I don't get an actual vacation this year due to helping with my mom, Alan is planning a trip over Mothers' Day weekend so we can get away for a few days.
  • Not flip out when Alan "remodels" our kitchen in a few weeks. Alan is taking a week of vacation to paint our kitchen cabinets and replace the hardware to spruce up our kitchen. I know that it's going to be all out of sorts and it will be stressful keeping the kids out of everything. 
What do you have planned this month? Link up below!


  1. yay on your 5K and raised flower beds. The spruced up kitchen will be so worth it-you'll have to show us some pictures.

  2. I intend to. Hopefully I don't forget to take before photos!

  3. I use to have yard sales all the time. Loved them. Good luck with yours and your race this weekend.


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