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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saving the World One Cycle at a Time with Sckoon Cup

A big thank you to Sckoon Organics and Bookieboo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

I know several women who use menstrual cups and more and more I have been thinking about trying one out myself. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out SckoonCup, I jumped at the chance.

I know I know, a menstrual cup?! That's way out there right? But, are you honestly surprised I would be eventually trying one? In my efforts to live more and more sustainably, it's the natural progression to transition to one. Not only are you not throwing pads and tampons in the landfill and waterways, but you're not putting hazardous chemicals such as dioxins, pesticide residues, adhesives and unknown fragrances that are known to cause cancer, allergic reactions and reproductive issues among other things. I try to limit my exposure to nasty chemicals in food, cleaners, hair and other body products, so why during my cycle too.

A menstrual cup is like a tampon or pad but instead of absorbing the flow it collects it. If you can handle a tampon, then you can insert a cup because it's basically the same thing. The difference is that you dispose of a tampon whereas with a cup you empty it and then wash it for re-use. The SckoonCup is made from FDA-approved medical grade smooth silicon and has a smooth outer curve so that it's easier to insert/remove and less likely to be felt. It also comes in bright colors.

In talking with some friends about the SckoonCup and from doing my own research, I discovered that it's shaped like a bell, whereas other menstrual cups are shaped like more like a funnel. I was also told that I would still probably have to wear a liner because it would leak. Except that it didn't. It was awesome. 

I will admit that the first time I tried to use my SckoonCup, I gave up because it wasn't easy to insert and wasn't comfortable. I could tell that it wasn't in correctly and researched other insertion methods until I found one that worked for me. There is definitely a learning curve for a newbie like myself, but once I figured it out, it was relatively easy. And I love the fact that I did not throw out one feminine paper product aside from the first day of my cycle.

If you're looking to reduce waste and limit chemicals entering your body, I recommend trying out a menstrual cup. You never know, you might actually come to prefer it, like I have. You can find more info on the SckoonCup website here

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