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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals and March Recap

How did I do in March? Let's see:
  • Finish c25k training. I have three weeks left. Apparently I can't count! I do consider this goal completed because I finished every week of my training.
  • Start and finish another 21 Day Sugar Detox. With everything that has happened this month, it was all I could do to track my food really. 
  • Develop and maintain a routine cleaning schedule. This went out the window too. Oops!
  • Continue to read at least one book a month. I read four. The Hunger Games trilogy and Orphan Train. I joined a book club with a friend of mine and this was our first book. I will have one book a month to read, which is very attainable I think. 
Here are my goals for April:
  • Finish c25k and register for my first 5k. I should finish training by the week ending on April 19, leave me plenty of time to register for a race in May or June.
  • Put together our raised beds and start planting our garden. We have been spending almost all of our time on the weekends in March cleaning out the yard and getting it ready for an expanded garden. We should have all of the raised beds completed within the next week or so. My spinach, arugula and lettuce have sprouted along with most of my herbs coming back and I can't wait to have tons and tons of veggies and herbs all summer.  
  • Sort items for our yard sale. We plan on having a yard sale in May and I really need to get on going through our stuff to figure out what to put in it. 
So I have even fewer goals this month than I did in March. However, I think that they are pretty big goals and will take all month to accomplish. I would much rather accomplish a few goals than set out a bunch for myself and feel like a failure for not completing.


  1. I love your fitness and gardening goals! I too am trying to get ready for a garage sale, but it won't be until the very end of May.

  2. Our neighborhood is having a sale and we want to take advantage of it to get rid of all this baby and kid stuff the kids no longer use!

  3. Isn't it nice to see your goal list getting a little smaller. You are a fitness queen. Love it

  4. I'm slowly getting to the point where I enjoy running. I get antsy when I'm not able to go for a few days.


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