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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Ok April Fools Edition

Airing My Dirty Laundry

It's ok...that I don't have a meal plan for this week.

It's ok...that I haven't had a blog post with lots of substance in over a week.

It's ok...that I have been spending more of my time planning my garden and looking up potential races than blogging.

It's ok...that I ran 5 miles even though I haven't finished my c25k training.

It's ok...that I want to eat Mexican everyday.

It's ok...that I also want to bake brownies after dinner each night.

It's ok...that we decided to get a dog even though I can't stand them. 

It's ok...that I posted for April Fools' a day early.

It's ok...that you can guess which of these are true!


  1. oh haha. I was about to say you ran 5 miles?! so I'm guessing that one isn't true. and also the one about the dog must not be true!

  2. Haha not yet! But I'm working on it! I have decided that after I finish c25k that I'm going to start the 10k one.

  3. I'll take some Mexican food!

    I rarely have a meal plan. I probably should so I don't look confused when the kids ask what dinner is.

  4. The dog sounds most unlikely (although I'd love if it were true!)

  5. I'm pretty sure you're not getting a dog! :-) At least I think so!

  6. I'm hoping that the brownies part is true--because brownies make life more enjoyable! :)

  7. The dog one is definitely NOT true. I don't like dogs and Alan is allergic.

  8. It's definitely not true. I'm not a fan and Alan is allergic.

  9. I could eat brownies or a cookie with ice cream on top every night and be a happy camper :-)

  10. Now I want Mexican food and brownies! Thanks a lot :)


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