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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Six Inexpensive Play Ideas for Kids on a Rainy Day

Many moms take refuge in the outdoor spaces they can bring their kids to for easy and inexpensive entertainment. Every kid can have fun for hours in a park or in their own backyard  on a nice day. However, the weather is not always predictable and bad weather days do happen. During these days, it is important for moms to be ready with some ideas to entertain their kids. 

There are a lot of ideas that moms can use to entertain their kids on a rainy day. Moms do not  have to spend a lot of money to give their kids some fun and safe activities to do that do not involve going outside. Any mom can use these ideas to entertain their kids any day and save money. Here are six inexpensive play ideas for kids on a rainy day. 

Have an educational movie day

Watching TV in the most commonly thought of rainy day activity. Every kid loves to watch TV on a rainy day, but it is the parent’s job to make sure that their kids are watching something good for them. Parents can use to find something for their kids to watch that is educational and fun. This will keep kids busy and parents happy. 

Window painting or making window clings

Sometimes when the sun stops shining outside, parents need to help their kids make their own sunshine. Parents can find some window paint and allow their kids to paint on the windows, drawing sunshine and flowers or whatever else they feel. Parents can also find kits that allow them to make window clings that kids can place on the windows all year long. 

Make a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is still one of the most fun rainy day activities parents can set up for their kids. Parents can arrange a treasure hunt that takes their kids throughout the house and helps them explore new things. Parents can even challenge their kids to practice math as they search by adding up number on each item found. 

Bake something new

There are few better ways to warm up on a cold day than baking. Baking with kids can be fun and safe for everyone. Parents can teach their kids a common family recipe or try a new recipe with their kids. It is great for kids to learn how to work safely in the kitchen and rainy days are the perfect time to teach that. 

Host an indoor picnic or campfire

When kids have to miss their outdoor picnics or campfires, parents can help them host an indoor version. Laying out blankets on the floor and wrapping up their favorite picnic and campfire treats and be a fun way for everyone to spend the afternoon. 

Bring out the board games

When parents run out of ways to entertain their kids, they can always bring out the classic board games. Some games can be appropriate for a wide range of ages and entertaining for everyone in the family. 


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