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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oh, How I Dread the Dentist!

The older I get, the more I dread going to the dentist.

No offense to those of you in the dental industry, but man, I really dislike visiting you!

It's never been my favorite pasttime, but I just get this pit of dread in my stomach before I go every time now. 

I don't know if it's the goosebump causing scraping against my teeth that does it.

Or the taste of the nasty nasty polish.

Or the flouride that makes me gag and feel sick to my stomach the rest of the day. 

Which I have now been refusing for years, because in addition to making me sick, it's bad for you. You can read why here. 

Or the fact that I am now super sensitive to cold in the tooth that I recently had a filling. 

At least I'm not like some people that have to be sedated to go, right?

After the filling incident, I swore that I would heal my cavities naturally. And after visiting today, it looks like my oil pulling, bone broth, remineralizing toothpaste regimen is working!

Maybe next time it won't be so bad afterall...


  1. I must know your ways. I HATE the dentist, and in fact, have not been in over 6 years. (I can't believe I just admitted that). Honestly, I have moved around so much and do not trust every dentist around - going to the dentist has been the last thing on my list.

  2. If they accepted my insurance, I would drive five hours to my hometown every six months because I liked my childhood dentist that much. Dr. Mark Stetzel in Ft. Wayne if you're willing to drive up there. I'll send you an email in a bit ;-)

  3. Glad to hear from a person I actually know that oil pulling is proving effective.

  4. Yes! That gob of coconut oil in my mouth until it melts still kind of grosses me out, but it's definitely working.

  5. You've probably read about my dislike of the dentist! I can't stand it!

  6. Yes, I thought of you as I was writing this post!

  7. I don't know anyone who likes the dentist, but I'm with you in hating it! I always gag and then feel sick the rest of the day too.

  8. I know several people that get serious anxiety at the thought of going. I'm not like that at all, but after my experiences with the dentist here, I can see why people are!


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