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Monday, February 9, 2015

My Favorite Valentine's Day Projects

We all know that I am not the craftiest person in the world, heck, I wouldn't even say I'm a little crafty. Cooking, I'm all over it. But crafts? Let's just say that the bib I intended to embroider when I was pregnant with Ewan is still sitting in its package, 1/3 completed. I just honestly don't have the patience for it. Maybe it was because I have never been great at art, in fact I was told by my elementary school art teacher that I needed to go back to Kindergarten and learn how to draw a straight line...yes she was that great of a teacher :-) That experience in 4th grade probably turned me off of doing anything artsy for the most part. 

However, I do like art and crafts, just not necessarily when I make things myself. I would love to do more crafts with the kids, but have only made two things with Ewan, both for Valentine's Day, homemade Valentine's and chalk art. Therefore, I bring you my favorite Valentine's Day crafts that I would never do on my own, courtesy of my Pinterest account. Hopefully you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

Valentine hearts deco mesh wreath by DazzlemeWreaths on Etsy, $145.00

Valentines Deco Mesh Wreath

Make your own Valentine's Day mailboxes for the whole family. An adorable decoration idea.

I love the idea of having all of the names of everyone in the family displayed on wooden conversation hearts. Just too cute!

Top 35 Straightforward Heart-Shaped DIY Crafts For Valentines Day | Dream Home Decoration


  1. All of these are super cute! That wreath is adorable! i really want to do a Valentine's project with Jack but haven't found just the right one yet.

  2. I love wreaths and have one on our front door for almost every season. I just don't have the patience to actually make one!


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