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Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Recap and February Goals

Yes, I know it's Superbowl Sunday. But, since I don't like football and I don't even watch for the commercials - the only thing I will pay any attention to is the halftime show, I thought I would put up my February goals and a recap of January.

How did I do in January? 
  • Have a successful fourth birthday and party for Ewan. Done. He had a blast at his party and so did everyone else. 
  • Finally get my haircut. Fail. I had enough fun money set aside to do this and time just got away from me. Again.
  • Clean the playroom every week. Fail. It got about halfway picked up every other week or so.
  • Go to church twice this month. Fail. I'm actually quite annoyed with our church to be honest. They call you if you don't go every couple of weeks and quite frankly, that makes me not want to go at all because I don't need a babysitter.
  • Go to the gym/exercise three times a week. Baller! (Did I really just say that?!) I wrote a little about this here and here, but I started going to the gym again and started c25k training for real. As long as my foot can keep up, I'm determined to finish and actually run a 5k this year!
Here are my goals for February:
  • Actually make some time for myself and finally get my hair cut, for real. 
  • Continue c25k training and get to the gym 3-4 days a week. With the exception of next week because Alan will be out of town so I won't be able to go - I'll ride the bike here.
  • Develop and maintain a routine cleaning schedule. Our cleaning now consists of a deep cleaning right before anyone comes over. We need to keep a better schedule with this because my anxiety goes through the roof when the house gets bad.
  • Go to church twice this month. Don't want to get on the bad list again! 
  • Utilize PicMonkey more. It's such an easy way to create/edit images for the blog and I almost never use it.
  • Read a book in February. I bought a book about the woman Lady Cora from Downton Abbey is based on while we were in Ft. Wayne. I would really really like to read it!
 What are your goals for February?


  1. Interesting because most people tell me that they don't like it when they don't come and the church doesn't call them. You are doing so much better than me in exercise.

  2. I hope you get time to get your haircut. Great job on the exercising! Good luck in February.

  3. We really just need a new church I think. We have never felt like we "fit in" there and there are several other things that bother us about it too.

  4. My church back home use to call people when they didn't come. Don't really understand that. Great work on your exercise program.

  5. Isn't it sad when we have to add "get a haircut" to our goal list?

  6. OMG yes! If I hadn't used my gift card when we went to visit my family, that would be on there too.

  7. That, along with the financial "statements" we get every quarter kind of make it seem like an obligation, not something we enjoy doing.

  8. Great goals. I feel you on getting a hair cut and cleaning the playroom, ugh.

  9. I almost took a photo of the playroom for the blog, but I didn't want the whole world to see the current state of my house!


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