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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Recap and March Goals

February has flown by and I cannot believe March is tomorrow! It's been crazy busy here and unfortunately I didn't accomplish much in terms of my goals. I guess there's always March, right?

How I did:
  • Actually make some time for myself and finally get my hair cut, for real. Yeah...time got away from me. Again.
  • Continue c25k training and get to the gym 3-4 days a week. I'm counting this as done because I rode the bike if Alan was out of town or went to the gym when he was here. There was one week that I didn't do anything but that was because I had the plague. Once I was better I went back to exercising.
  • Develop and maintain a routine cleaning schedule. Our cleaning now consists of a deep cleaning right before anyone comes over. We need to keep a better schedule with this because my anxiety goes through the roof when the house gets bad.
  • Go to church twice this month. When you're not home, it's hard to physically be there. But, in all honesty, when you work full time and only get about an hour a day to hang with your kids and a few hours after they're in bed to get things done around the house, you treasure the weekends because that is time you DO have to be with them and get things done. Spending half of my Sunday at church really isn't high on my priority list.
  • Utilize PicMonkey more. It's such an easy way to create/edit images for the blog and I almost never use it. I'm not counting this one as done, but that's because I haven't really had many blog posts that needed enhanced images. Although, I did make the image above... ;-)
  • Read a book in February. I didn't finish my Downton Abbey book, but I did read a book. Three in fact. Don't judge, but I finally read the 50 Shades trilogy. Wow...just wow.
Here are my goals for March:
  • Finish c25k training. I worked it out and I believe my last week will be the last week of March. It's crazy to think that I will be able to run that much at one time in a few weeks!
  • Start and finish another 21 Day Sugar Detox. I have been tracking my food, but I just feel like I am out of control of my eating. Must do better.
  • Develop and maintain a routine cleaning schedule.
  • Continue to read at least one book a month. It was so nice to actually read again, even if it was smut :-) I'm joining a book club this month so hopefully this will be an easily attainable goal. 
My goals are short and sweet this month because there are some things that may come up that are out of my control. I'd rather have just a few attainable goals than a bunch of ones that aren't completed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things I Can't Believe I Didn't Know

So I was at the gym earlier and saw a music video and seeing the name spelled out, I was like "OMG duh! I cannot believe I didn't realize that that's what that stands for!"

So it got me thinking while I was running on the treadmill. I like to think that I'm a fairly intelligent person, but there are some things that I can't believe I didn't know. 

Like the technical term for glass block is...glass block. My grad school friends are still laughing about that one almost ten years later!

And that the arrow next to your gas gauge tells you which side of the car your gas cap is located.

That Will I. Am stands for...William.

Same goes for Flo Rida...Florida.

Who knew? Definitely not me!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's On My Playlist

Since I resurrected Daphne, my circa 2006 hot pink iPod nano so I have something to listen to while at the gym, I've been able to listen to something that's not "cartoon radio" aka the Disney Junior cd that the kids insisting on being the only thing we listen to when they're in the car. I haven't put any new music on Daphne in probably five years but I'm not that out of touch with today's music ha. I normally listen to BBC Radio 1 online at work or sometimes classical or jazz on Spotify. 

However. it's been really nice having my own little throwback while I'm working on my c25k training. Here are just a few of the songs that were on this morning:

American Boy by Estelle - I love love this song and will sing and dance along any day. 

Cupid Shuffle - I freaking love this and always break it down...as evident at our wedding 

Moodswings by Charlotte Church - I love almost everything from Charlotte Church's first pop album. Again, my love of Britpop comes out :-)

Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera - I heart Christina Aguilera. She's just so "yeah, this is me, what you gonna do about it." I love it.

What's on your playlist?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Leprechaun Muffins for St. Patrick's Day

I always try to do something fun for little holidays, like Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. A couple years ago, I made green pancakes for St. Patrick's Day using spinach. Cecily was just a baby so she wasn't able to enjoy them, but Ewan gobbled them up. 

This year I wanted to do something different for St. Patrick's Day, but still green. So, I thought about muffins. The kids love them and they're easy to make a huge batch and freeze for later. So with that in mind, I bring you Leprechaun Muffins.

2 c flour
3/4 c sugar I used raw cane sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 c oil I used non-GMO expeller pressed canola
3/4 c milk I used coconut
6 c packed fresh spinach
1 banana
2 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine dry ingredients and puree oil, milk and spinach in blender then add in banana and vanilla and puree again. Fold into dry ingredients. Fill greased muffin tins 2/3 full and bake 15-18 minutes.

These are like a smoothie in a cup. In fact, if I wasn't making muffins, I totally would've just drank the pureed mixture, minus the oil. Ever since I made these, I have been making smoothies with coconut milk, an apple, banana, strawberries and some spinach.

The kids have been asking for a Leprechaun muffin everyday since I first made these, they're that good. You have no idea how glad I am that we have yet another recipe that is good for the kids AND they enjoy it!

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    Creative K Kids

    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Six Inexpensive Play Ideas for Kids on a Rainy Day

    Many moms take refuge in the outdoor spaces they can bring their kids to for easy and inexpensive entertainment. Every kid can have fun for hours in a park or in their own backyard  on a nice day. However, the weather is not always predictable and bad weather days do happen. During these days, it is important for moms to be ready with some ideas to entertain their kids. 

    There are a lot of ideas that moms can use to entertain their kids on a rainy day. Moms do not  have to spend a lot of money to give their kids some fun and safe activities to do that do not involve going outside. Any mom can use these ideas to entertain their kids any day and save money. Here are six inexpensive play ideas for kids on a rainy day. 

    Have an educational movie day

    Watching TV in the most commonly thought of rainy day activity. Every kid loves to watch TV on a rainy day, but it is the parent’s job to make sure that their kids are watching something good for them. Parents can use http://directtelevision.us/ to find something for their kids to watch that is educational and fun. This will keep kids busy and parents happy. 

    Window painting or making window clings

    Sometimes when the sun stops shining outside, parents need to help their kids make their own sunshine. Parents can find some window paint and allow their kids to paint on the windows, drawing sunshine and flowers or whatever else they feel. Parents can also find kits that allow them to make window clings that kids can place on the windows all year long. 

    Make a treasure hunt

    A treasure hunt is still one of the most fun rainy day activities parents can set up for their kids. Parents can arrange a treasure hunt that takes their kids throughout the house and helps them explore new things. Parents can even challenge their kids to practice math as they search by adding up number on each item found. 

    Bake something new

    There are few better ways to warm up on a cold day than baking. Baking with kids can be fun and safe for everyone. Parents can teach their kids a common family recipe or try a new recipe with their kids. It is great for kids to learn how to work safely in the kitchen and rainy days are the perfect time to teach that. 

    Host an indoor picnic or campfire

    When kids have to miss their outdoor picnics or campfires, parents can help them host an indoor version. Laying out blankets on the floor and wrapping up their favorite picnic and campfire treats and be a fun way for everyone to spend the afternoon. 

    Bring out the board games

    When parents run out of ways to entertain their kids, they can always bring out the classic board games. Some games can be appropriate for a wide range of ages and entertaining for everyone in the family. 

    Image: http://pixabay.com/en/boys-kids-together-playing-riding-286796/

    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    Road Trip Planning with Vimbly

    This post is sponsored by Vimbly.com and Sverve. However all opinions are my own.

    Alan and I have been talking about taking an extended weekend trip this spring or early summer since we're not taking an extended vacation this year. We have looked at several cities within a several hour radius of us and one of the places we've been looking at is Chicago. I have family and friends that live in the area and it would be great to plan a long weekend to go up there to see them and plan some fun activities for us and the kids. 

    Enter Vimbly.com

    Vimbly shows open time slots for activities, classes, & date ideas by different businesses on a single page and lets users book directly. I first attempted to use the Choose Your Own Adventure option, but it would only let me select from movies, when I would much prefer to do something I can't do in my town. So, I decided to choose from the Cultural and Sightseeing category, much more to our tastes. 

    Chicago is known for its museums, its architecture and the lakefront. While I have been to the area many times - we used to visit my family almost every summer, I haven't really done a whole lot in the city so I was super excited to find 190 activities in this category. 

    I like how you can narrow your search by date, time, price, even neighborhood!

    Here are just a few of the things I found that we would enjoy: 
    • The Winter Loop Tour - a free walking tour of the Loop
    • The Loop Interior Architectural Tour - a walking tour of the interiors of some of Chicago's famous landmarks
    • The Roaring 20's Tour - a tour of the infamous sights associated with 1920's gangsters
    • Tiffany Art Glass Landmarks Walking Tour - a walking tour designed to explore the art glass designed by Tiffany & Co. 
    • Historic Chicago Bar Tour - a pub crawl with an educational twist In case Alan and I were lucky enough to get a date night.
    While only available for 18 cities currently, I really, really like this site for planning purposes. You can do a quick Google search and find the top attractions in a city very quickly. Vimbly, however, puts everything in one place, including things off the beaten path that require a little more research to figure out details. For someone like me, with small children constantly demanding my attention, it's so convenient to be able to find everything I'm interested in doing, select an activity and purchase tickets all in one place.

    Vimbly is hoping to establish a national presence in 2015 and I really hope they do because it would be so nice to use the site to plan other weekend trips, such as Nashville...hint hint :-)

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Snow Day 2015!

    The last time I had a snow day where I got to enjoy myself was on President's Day was when I was in college and we got six inches of sleet, here in Evansville. This time around we have around seven inches now that the snow has finally stopped...I think.

     I love this photo Alan took...if only there weren't trash cans all along the street. 

    We took a vacation day today because while the roads weren't super terrible in the morning, we knew that by the time we were to come home, they would probably be pretty bad since the city can't handle an inch, much less seven inches of snow. After last year's winter, when we got a bunch of snow and I spun across three lanes of traffic and back before getting stuck trying to get to daycare to pick up the kids, there was no way I was endangering all of us by getting on the roads.

    Because we hardly ever get snow down here that actually stays around to play in, we took the kids out briefly. We don't have any hills in our neighborhood, so the only "hill" they got was a snow drift against a tree. Ewan enjoyed it, but Cecily just thought it was lame...so like her mommy. I used to go out and fly down the hills in the woods behind my mom's house with my neighborhood friends, on the very same purple sled I pulled the kids with. 

    Ewan of course wanted to pull me on it too. 

    We ended our time outside with some snow ice cream. I grew up in Northern Indiana, where we got plenty of snow but I had never made it before. I added some cocoa powder in so we had vanilla and chocolate. Pretty good!

    It was so nice to be able to be a kid again and enjoy our snow day, even if it was just for a few hours. If you got snow today, I hope you were also able to get out and have fun too!

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Valentine's Day 2015

    As I'm sitting here watching Bad Teacher with Alan and waiting for Winter Storm Octavia to arrive, I thought I would provide a recap of Valentine's Day 2015. 

    Honestly, we have never done something huge and elaborate, that's just not our thing. We also didn't have a sitter so the kids were coming with us. There was no way we were going out on actual Valentine's Day, so we went to dinner on Friday night. Ewan picked and of course he chose Chinese, which means a Chinese buffet so he can get pizza and a roll.

    We came home and were just planning on hanging out, but my sister-in-law texted me and asked if I wanted to see 50 Shades of Grey. I have never read the books or had any desire to, but I went anyway. I kind of knew what it was about, but holy cow. If you've read the books or seen the movie, then you already know. This is a family friendly blog, so I won't get into details. Let's just say that I was really surprised it was rated R and not NC-17.

    Saturday morning I came downstairs to make red velvet heart pancakes for breakfast and found out why it seemed like Alan was trying to get me out of the house Friday night. I've been sick with a cold all week and he kept encouraging me to go to the gym even though I can't breathe, then he kept telling me to go to the movies. Well, that's because I messed up his plans since I quit orchestra and he wanted to create my Valentine's Day gift with the kids. 

    Their confetti hearts are now hanging in our hallway. I love how creative Alan is with the kids :-)

    Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If so, what did you do?

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015

    It's Ok

    Airing My Dirty Laundry

    Several bloggers I follow do this post every week and I love the idea. So, I thought I would join in this time.

    It's ok...

    ...that I haven't worked out since Saturday and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

    ...that I'm going to have to quit the community orchestra I play in after one rehearsal.

    ...that Alan and I have been watching Shipping Wars on Netflix in the evenings all week.

    ...that I want to transfer my blog to Wordpress but the more I look into it, the more daunting the prospect seems.

    ...that I appear to have lost a bunch of readers, including several who I thought were blogging friends. So, it's not really ok, but I'm trying be like Taylor Swift and "Shake It Off."

    ...that all I want currently is a brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top!

    Sparkbox Toys

    I received a free trial in exchange for a review. However all opinions are my own. 

    We were recently able to try out Sparkbox Toys, a monthly educational toy subscription service for kids age 0-4. In every box you receive four age-appropriate toys that you return at the end of the month. A return label is provided in the box so there are no shipping fees. If you decide that you want to keep a toy, you can purchase it at 20% off the Amazon price. 

    We received the LeapFrog Lettersaurus ($15.99), Melissa and Doug Band in a Box ($24.99), Hape Construction Site peg puzzle ($11.99) and the Jammin' Gym ($24.99).

    One of the things I love about Sparkbox Toys is that they provide quality toys and are a green company. Of the 29 brands they work with, only eight are sold in big box stores. You can browse their toys here. They also ship in eco-friendly packaging, use environmentally friendly vendors and recycle old packaging.

    My kids loved all of the toys, but we ultimately decided to keep the Lettersaurus. Mainly because Cecily refused to let it go! She seriously carries it everywhere and just dances along to the songs it plays. 

    I think that Sparkbox Toys is a great way for your kids to experience toys that they might not otherwise have a chance to play with. They have two plans to choose from, a Sparkbox every four weeks or every eight weeks. In addition to their website, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I highly recommend subscribing!

    Monday, February 9, 2015

    My Favorite Valentine's Day Projects

    We all know that I am not the craftiest person in the world, heck, I wouldn't even say I'm a little crafty. Cooking, I'm all over it. But crafts? Let's just say that the bib I intended to embroider when I was pregnant with Ewan is still sitting in its package, 1/3 completed. I just honestly don't have the patience for it. Maybe it was because I have never been great at art, in fact I was told by my elementary school art teacher that I needed to go back to Kindergarten and learn how to draw a straight line...yes she was that great of a teacher :-) That experience in 4th grade probably turned me off of doing anything artsy for the most part. 

    However, I do like art and crafts, just not necessarily when I make things myself. I would love to do more crafts with the kids, but have only made two things with Ewan, both for Valentine's Day, homemade Valentine's and chalk art. Therefore, I bring you my favorite Valentine's Day crafts that I would never do on my own, courtesy of my Pinterest account. Hopefully you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

    Valentine hearts deco mesh wreath by DazzlemeWreaths on Etsy, $145.00

    Valentines Deco Mesh Wreath

    Make your own Valentine's Day mailboxes for the whole family. An adorable decoration idea.

    I love the idea of having all of the names of everyone in the family displayed on wooden conversation hearts. Just too cute!

    Top 35 Straightforward Heart-Shaped DIY Crafts For Valentines Day | Dream Home Decoration

    Thursday, February 5, 2015

    Eight Safety Tips for Tornadoes

    In the Midwest area, being prepared for tornados can mean the difference between life and death. These powerful storms have the ability to be deadly, thus it is vital to both your family and your home that you are adequately equipped in case of a tornado emergency.

    Here are eight tips to help keep you safe and sound during a tornado:


    1. Storm Cellar

    One of the wisest investments you can make is to build a storm cellar. Most homes already have a storm cellar built-in; however, if your home does not, it is a good idea to start the construction for one. If a tornado is powerful enough, it can completely demolish a home, or severely damage it. If anyone is inside of the home, they could face serious or fatal injuries. Being in a storm cellar with a reinforced steel door will shield anyone from the tornado’s danger.

    2. Insurance and Security 
    Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date. In case there is any damage in your home, you can claim it on your insurance. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a home security system in place. During these types of situations, your home is left vulnerable to burglars. While it might be dangerous, many ignore the risk and use the storm as an excuse to break-into your home. Check out Oklahoma Home Security Systems and other Midwest companies in order to find the best system for your safety.

    3. Go Bag 
    Have a “go bag” ready at all times. This bag should be an emergency kit that includes, a first-aid kit, copies of all important documents, and cash, among other items. Keep it in an easily accessible location.

    4. Food and Water 
    Outfit your storm cellar with non-perishable food and water. Having it already fully stocked before a tornado hits ensures you won’t be without in case you are stuck in the cellar for a couple of days. Include blankets, pillows, flashlights, batteries, etc. in your storm cellar prep.

    5. Cell Charger 
    During tornado season, try to keep your cell charged as much as possible. Additionally, try to keep an extra battery-operated charger handy to take with you in the storm cellar.

    6. Radio 
    Because cell towers might go out, or reception could be limited in your storm cellar, have a radio with an antenna either inside of your go bag or in your storm cellar. This can help you stay up-to-date on the storm.

    7. Family Drills 
    Take the time to practice emergency procedures with your family. In the case of a real tornado when everything is chaotic, everyone will know exactly what to do and where to go.

    8. Sturdy Shoes 
    When the tornado siren goes off, if you have to walk outside to your storm cellar, make sure you have sturdy shoes. There could be dangerous debris on the ground and a foot injury can pose a serious safety hazard.

    Above all, remain calm during a tornado. If you are adequately prepared, you should have nothing to worry about.

    Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015

    Old Montreal

    Vieux Montreal. The oldest part of the city, with some buildings dating to the 1600s, although most that line its cobblestone streets are from the late 1700s and 1800s. This section of Montreal lies along the St. Lawrence River and is accessible via the metro and by car. However, the best way to experience it is by walking the streets.   

    Probably my favorite thing to do was walk along the neighborhood's streets, admiring its architecture. The Notre Dame Basilica is by far my favorite building.

    Constructed in 1829, it's the closest thing I will get to a European church for awhile...and I loved it. I also loved the Christmas store, Noel Eternel. Some of you may know that we collect Christmas ornaments from our travels and finding a store like this was wonderful.

    I will admit that I was expecting Old Montreal to be more like Quebec City in its architecture. But, it was still amazing to be able to visit.

    Maybe one of these days I'll get around to telling you about the rest of our trip!

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Oh, How I Dread the Dentist!

    The older I get, the more I dread going to the dentist.

    No offense to those of you in the dental industry, but man, I really dislike visiting you!

    It's never been my favorite pasttime, but I just get this pit of dread in my stomach before I go every time now. 

    I don't know if it's the goosebump causing scraping against my teeth that does it.

    Or the taste of the nasty nasty polish.

    Or the flouride that makes me gag and feel sick to my stomach the rest of the day. 

    Which I have now been refusing for years, because in addition to making me sick, it's bad for you. You can read why here. 

    Or the fact that I am now super sensitive to cold in the tooth that I recently had a filling. 

    At least I'm not like some people that have to be sedated to go, right?

    After the filling incident, I swore that I would heal my cavities naturally. And after visiting today, it looks like my oil pulling, bone broth, remineralizing toothpaste regimen is working!

    Maybe next time it won't be so bad afterall...

    How Families Can Take a Mini Vacation at Home

    In the middle of the school year, parents and kids are often feeling the pressures building up and are ready for a little getaway. In fact, any time of the year seems like the perfect time for any family to get away from their responsibilities and enjoy some rest and relaxation. However, a vacation is never cheap for a family and there are few families today who can book a spontaneous vacation without planning for budgeting.

    Families can try a different approach to get the same result without spending a fortune. Any family can try out a ‘staycation’ to get a vacation feel without having to leave their home. Having a mini vacation at home can be just as relaxing and fun at a fraction of the price of a real vacation. Any family can use these ideas anytime of the year to get the vacation they deserve. Here are some ways families can take a mini vacation at home.


    In order to truly relax and recharge, families need to commit to leaving all of their normal responsibilities out of their mini vacation. Families should take an oath that they will avoid using any technology or taking any breaks for work throughout the vacation. This can help any family get the most from their staycation.

    Plan out everyday

    Just as they would if they were going on a normal vacation, families should plan out what they will be doing each day of their at home vacation. This will make each day more exciting and help the vacation feel like a real trip away from home.

    Take a tour through the movies

    Sometimes the best escape is to sit back and relax into another world. Movies at https://www.allconnect.com/internet can be that escape for any family. Families can plan a movie night that will cover different areas of the world or even different time periods for an educational and fun night.

    Try camping 

    Camping is great for family vacations not only because it is fun for everyone, but also because it is very inexpensive. Camping in a local area within a few hours’ drive is a great way for families to take a cheap trip. Even better, families can set up the tent in the backyard and have a neighborhood campout.

    Take a virtual tour of a museum

    Museum admissions can be extremely expensive, especially for the most famous museums. However, there are a lot of famous museums around the world that now offer virtual tours online for anyone to see. This is a great way for families to experience the museums from the comfort of their own homes.

    Create vacation spaces in the home

    For a little escape any time, there are a lot of great ways to create a vacation spot in the home. Families can create areas in their homes that remind them of vacation places they have been too or would like to visit in the future.

    Image: http://pixabay.com/en/happy-family-camping-family-people-506005/

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    I'll Meet You In the Fort!

    A couple weekends ago we went up to Ft. Wayne to finally have Christmas with my mom and uncle (and I don't have any photos!). It was just a quick trip and I didn't tell anyone other than family that we were coming because I didn't know what all was going on and I also knew it was supposed to snow that Sunday and I wasn't sure if anyone would what to go out in it - Sorry guys! On a sidenote - it was totally fine to be out in the snow, even though they got about 4 inches...I have apparently gotten used to the lack of preparedness down here in Southwest Indiana. That amount of snow would've closed the city down for several days! 

    So, what all did we do while we were there? We went on a hunt to every store we could think of to find Ewan Marshall and Skye characters from Paw Patrol (the red and pink ones) and then ordered them on Amazon because we couldn't find them, finally used my gift card to Old Navy I got for my birthday, ate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and spent a lot of time at the mall play area. 

    And they also rode a "roller coaster." Cecily got scared and climbed out halfway through. 

    Even though we weren't really dressed for playing in snow, I wanted to make sure the kids got the opportunity since it hardly ever snows much down in southwest Indiana and when it does, it melts by mid-morning.

     Ewan had a blast making snowballs to throw at Alan. For some reason, Alan didn't think it was so much fun :-)

    All in all, we had a good time and will hopefully be able to make it back up there in the not too distant future!

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

    January Recap and February Goals

    Yes, I know it's Superbowl Sunday. But, since I don't like football and I don't even watch for the commercials - the only thing I will pay any attention to is the halftime show, I thought I would put up my February goals and a recap of January.

    How did I do in January? 
    • Have a successful fourth birthday and party for Ewan. Done. He had a blast at his party and so did everyone else. 
    • Finally get my haircut. Fail. I had enough fun money set aside to do this and time just got away from me. Again.
    • Clean the playroom every week. Fail. It got about halfway picked up every other week or so.
    • Go to church twice this month. Fail. I'm actually quite annoyed with our church to be honest. They call you if you don't go every couple of weeks and quite frankly, that makes me not want to go at all because I don't need a babysitter.
    • Go to the gym/exercise three times a week. Baller! (Did I really just say that?!) I wrote a little about this here and here, but I started going to the gym again and started c25k training for real. As long as my foot can keep up, I'm determined to finish and actually run a 5k this year!
    Here are my goals for February:
    • Actually make some time for myself and finally get my hair cut, for real. 
    • Continue c25k training and get to the gym 3-4 days a week. With the exception of next week because Alan will be out of town so I won't be able to go - I'll ride the bike here.
    • Develop and maintain a routine cleaning schedule. Our cleaning now consists of a deep cleaning right before anyone comes over. We need to keep a better schedule with this because my anxiety goes through the roof when the house gets bad.
    • Go to church twice this month. Don't want to get on the bad list again! 
    • Utilize PicMonkey more. It's such an easy way to create/edit images for the blog and I almost never use it.
    • Read a book in February. I bought a book about the woman Lady Cora from Downton Abbey is based on while we were in Ft. Wayne. I would really really like to read it!
     What are your goals for February?

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