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Monday, January 26, 2015

A Few Weeks In

It's been three weeks since I started my healthy routine (again). I've managed to meet my goal of going to the gym at least three times/week with the exception of the week Alan was out of town. I rode the exercise bike we have in my office that week. I even used the fitness center at the hotel yesterday!

Eating wise, I was doing fantastic until we went to visit my family this weekend. But, I kind of knew that that would happen since we were eating out almost every meal. You have no idea how good the pork chops and rice I made for dinner was after four days of eating out!

Unfortunately, the nasty rash I had last fall has reappeared...this time on my arm and neck. It got so bad that I wound up going to RediMed Saturday morning because we thought it was infected. Of course, I was told that it was ezcema...which I find hard to believe considering it looks like a yeast rash and it has been going away since I started putting nystatin on it. I think that ezcema is doctor-speak for "I don't know what that thing is on you, but I'm going to call it ezcema and give you a steriod cream to get you out of my office." So lame that some doctors just want to get you in and out and don't want to actually get to the root cause of a problem. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that getting the rash actually kind of makes sense. I started taking caprylic acid and oil of oregano when I started my get healthy campaign at the beginning of January. Since both are yeast killers and I have been eating low-glycemic. It's no surprise that some sort of die off would occur. Unfortunately, it has to manifest itself if a horribly itchy rash. 

How are your health goals coming?

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