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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fun and Holiday Traditions

Every year since Cecily was a newborn we go out to the Winter Carnival and Santa's Workshop at the 4H Fairgrounds. We either pack the kids and picnic dinner or go out to dinner and then head to the fairgrounds to drive through the light displays and go see Santa. 

I love it because the whole thing is donations only and you take your own photos with Santa so you're not paying a whole lot if the kids decide they want nothing to do with Santa, like Cecily did. 

When you get inside Santa's Workshop, there are all sorts of decorated trees and various displays that have been put together by local organizations and charities that you can donate to as well. 

My favorite tree was of course pink :-)

And because I can't resist, here are a few photos of Ewan and Cecily the first year we went!

 Ewan was almost two. 

Cecily was almost two months.

What are some holiday traditions in your family?


  1. We've started the tradition of going to a Christmas Concert (you saw our video on Instagram). I just love Christmas decorations in general, they make me happy!

  2. They were playing TSO at the restaurant we were at last night and I was telling A how you saw them in Lexington. He made the comment that we should've gone haha.

  3. Awww, I love that you guys go every year. It is so much fun to make your own traditions.

  4. Such a fun holiday tradition. I will need to see if we have anything like that around here!

  5. Yeah..wanna know a funny story? When I looked at the photo of me holding C as a baby, I realized I was wearing the EXACT same thing I wore when we went this year!

  6. I hope you do! We actually have two such displays, but this one is way less crowded.


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