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Monday, December 15, 2014

First Christmas Program

Ewan's Christmas program at his preschool was last Friday. The first of many such programs to come. And I was totally that parent who bawled. 

He was a little unsure at first because there were so many people there, but when it was his turn to sing "Oh Candy Cane" with his class, he was all about it.

The way his face lit up when he found us in the crowd made my heart melt. I so remember searching for my mom and grandma during school programs and being so happy when I found them. 

Alan made fun of me for crying but I just cannot believe that my baby boy is such a big kid! He will be FOUR in less than three weeks. Where has the time gone?!

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  1. so cute! Simon sang a hanukkah song with his class at our synagogue and at first he was crying and didn't want to stand up there, but when he did go he was so cute!

  2. I didn't mention it, but he's wearing my Santabear "sweater" from when I was a kid. I think the fact that he loves that shirt is one of my favorite parts.


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