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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quebec City

It's been two months since we went to Montreal and I've only posted a few photos just to tease you. I keep meaning to post in depth about our trip, but life seems to get in the way. So, I am finally getting on the ball and posting!

I really enjoyed our trip to Montreal, but my favorite day was our day in Quebec City. It is very Old World and the closest I will get to Europe for probably some time. Settled in the early 1600s, the lower city has been restored to what it looked like when the French first arrived.

Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trust me, it's amazing!

Quebec City is also the only fortified city in North America that's not in Mexico. To get to the upper portion of the city you have a TON of steps to climb or you can take the incline up the bluff. I, of course thought it would be great exercise to take the steps. Alan was so mad at me because by the end of it he could barely lift his legs after walking all around Montreal the day before. Oops! :-)

These are only some of the steps! Can you spot Alan?

Chateau Frontenac is probably the most photographed hotel in the world. Before coming to Quebec City, I actually thought it was part of the citadel, but it's not. It was actually constructed by the Canada Pacific Railway.

It's located atop the bluff right above the lower city and offers amazing views of the surrounding area. We went in the hotel to look around but that's the closest we will ever get to staying there as it's just a little above our budget.

We had an amazing day there and I would love to come back and spend more time exploring because I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this beautiful city.


  1. Beautiful. I would love to go there! We have some friends in Montreal and I might need to make the trek up there.

  2. Yes! You definitely should. Montreal is very walkable and the Metro is so easy to navigate. Almost everyone speaks English in the city so if you don't speak French you're good.

  3. Sold. Where do I get a plane ticket? :)


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