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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

I normally don't want to have anything to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but Alan and my mom have been bugging me about what I want for Christmas and my birthday. So, I decided to just go for it and create my Christmas/Birthday wish list.





Aura Cacia AC Room Diffuser

Plus a whole list of essential oils from doTerra. And a gift card to Old Navy. I desperately need some new clothes. I haven't bought much since grad school...eight years ago and a lot of my clothes are threadbare!

What's on your Christmas list?

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  1. Obviously you're a Pampered Chef lover! You should check out the giveaway I'm doing with Bekah from Re-Solve ... we're giving away the Bamboo Platter. The Tool Turn About is one of my favorites!!

  2. I already entered ;-) I have had my measuring cups for 10 years; one cracked and the markings on the others have worn off so I want to replace them. Several people have recommended the easy opener for my home canned goods - my butter knife approach to opening them just isn't cutting it anymore. But yes, I love PC!

  3. OH yes the Easy Opener is waaaaay better and safer! Let me know if you'd ever be interested in hosting. I'm developing a blogger bribe system : )


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