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Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Basketball Practice

We signed Ewan up for 10 weeks of basketball a little over a month ago. However, if you remember correctly, when he went to his first soccer game, it didn't go over so well. I was really worried that we spent $200 on basketball and all he was going to do was sit on the sidelines. 

Pardon the blurry iPhone photos :-)

Well, at least for the first practice, he participated! Both Alan and I are so proud of him for going out there and participating with the other kids, especially since we were late because we didn't get the email notifying us of the time change. 

When he first went out there, I was a little worried. He wouldn't talk to his coach and actually sat down facing backwards. He eventually came running back to sit down next to Alan and we were both like, well at least he was out there for five minutes. 

However, she was really good with him and came over and made him her special helper to set up their obstacle course and he went back out and LOVED it. 

He even continued after he was accidentally hit in the face while passing the ball. I thought for sure that that was the end of basketball. 

I am so proud of my big boy!


  1. Yay, Ewan! :) I'm glad that he's getting a little bit bolder!

  2. Me too! He may not participate like that every time, but we were really afraid he wouldn't do anything at all.


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