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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

I had a great post all planned for today and then all hell broke loose yesterday so I didn't get it written. 

Do you want the good or the bad first?

Let's start with the good :-)

Friday night we had one of our sort of monthly dinners with friends of ours. We had these awesome chicken enchiladas (Rachel I want the recipe!), cheese dip and key lime cheesecake. The kids all had a blast playing with each other and afterwards we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit (I ganked this photo off my friend's FB page...thanks Sarah!). 

Saturday morning we went out to the CSA to get our veggie share and it was full of beautiful greens, tomatoes, tomatillos, zucchini, green beans and herbs. Ewan also went out onto the field at his soccer game and tried to kick the ball with Alan - a major improvement! 

After a lunch stop at Chipotle, we went to the fall craft show. I bought tons of stuff last year and this time around we only left with an Olaf pillow for Ewan, ordered a Minnie pillow for Cecily and a really cute Halloween lamp for me. Even though we didn't spend nearly as much, it was still a lot of fun to see all of the crafts.

I spent Saturday night preparing food with our CSA share and this is where the trouble started. I was making salsa verde and was throwing bits of tomatillos I wasn't using into the garbage disposal. Well something got caught down in there and clogged our sink and dishwasher. Oops! Unfortunately, in Alan's haste and anger at me for clogging it (which was warranted), he soaked the counter removing dishes and soaked my phone, which in turn has destroyed the battery. It still works, but won't hold a charge. We're not sure if the problem is just the battery or the phone itself. Unfortunately, I can't upgrade until after Christmas, so we're not sure what we're going to do. He's currently on the phone to see if it qualifies for a replacement through insurance or if it would just be best to reactive my old phone. It's super old, but if it gets me through until Christmas, I can deal. 

Wish us luck! 


  1. How did the salsa verde turn out?

  2. Really good! I made something different with it and I'll be sharing the recipe later this week :-)

  3. oh no! have you tried the "leave your phone in a bowl of rice" trick?

  4. Yeah. No dice. However, I am able to do an early upgrade for $30 plus the cost of a new contract for a phone. So, we're going to look at phones tonight and choose a free one so it's only $30. I'll take it!

  5. I hope everything works out with the phone!! Glad you had mostly good things to share.

  6. Me too, although I'm still pissed about my phone ;-)


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