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Monday, September 15, 2014

That Time Ewan Tried to Play Soccer

So we signed Ewan up to play in several soccer games over the next few weeks through his preschool. He was so excited to go get his soccer ball and shin guards and couldn't wait to get there to play.

And this is as close as he got to playing. Once he saw all the people he totally freaked out and wanted nothing to do with it.

I was like this as a kid too, and I remember my mom getting so mad at me. I always said I would never be that way, but I will admit that I was irritated. He said that he was "just watching" this time and that he'll play the next time....I hope so! He asked us to sign him up for basketball this fall and he has 10 "games" coming up starting at the end of September. I really hope he'll participate so we didn't waste that money. 

If your kid does this, how do you help them get over their shyness? You would think that I would know what to do since I was the same way, but nope.

At least Cecily had fun though!


  1. Aww! Poor guy. I don't have kids but I'd say just keep coming so he knows the routine. hopefully he'll decide on his own he wants in after watching a few times.

  2. My recommendation is to NOT let him quit - keep taking him every week even if he only "watches". I allowed Jayden to quit so many things and now look at where we are today - he experiences depression and anxiety when trying something new. He thinks its ok to quit if he doesn't get it right the first time. You aren't wasting your money - you are still exposing him to new experiences and he will eventually warm up and get out there! It's got to be hard to get out in front of a bunch of people you don't know when you're 3 :) Just continue to be his biggest cheerleader - even if you are frustrated. Which I can TOTALLY relate too - I used to *and still do* get frustrated with Jay when he doesn't want to branch out and try new things. Make sure to tell Ewan that Auntie Meg & Uncle Chris (Jay & Cael, too) Are soooo proud of him and we would LOVE to come cheer him on one weekend, just tell him to let me know which game he want's us to come to.

  3. We're not, don't worry. If he doesn't like it, he won't have to do it again, but he'll at least finish out what we paid for.

  4. That's a great strategy! Wish I had done that with Jay - we've set that expectation with Taekwondo NOW - only took me 9 years lol

  5. Hopefully. I definitely understand how my mom felt when I was little!

  6. That is the same thing we did with our kids when they were young. We wouldn't allow them to quit. They had to fulfill their agreement with the coaches, team members and us BUT if they really didn't like the activity they didn't have to sign up for it the next year.

  7. One kid out of two isn't bad, right? :) My sister was very much like Ewan when she was little--she needed to observe before she could dive into whatever activity she was starting. For the most part, my parents used peer pressure to get her to go (since I was older, it was always, "Look at Natalie. She's having so much fun!"), and when that didn't work, they just let her have a tantrum until she half-heartedly decided to join. They always made her finish whatever it was they paid for, even if she didn't want to. This has got to be a tough thing to go through, but I know you'll make the best decision! :)


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